What is the new ASSFACE Diet: A Personal Trainer Explains

What is the new ASSFACE Diet: A Personal Trainer Explains

The ASSFACE Diet acronym is a reminder to stay away from added sugar, while also reducing processed foods, white bread, and white potatoes.

HOLLY SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Erika Rawes, a former technology journalist who spent almost 15 years in media, has left the written media industry to become a fitness coach. She earned certifications in personal training, nutrition, and fitness coaching from ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), and she has a brand YouTube channel and business venture called “Fitness Over 40 with Erika Marie” that provides health and wellness tips to people, especially clients over the age of 40.

Erika has come up with a new diet acronym called the ASSFACE diet. Yes, the ASSFACE diet acronym sounds silly, but it is not a joke. Erika filed for a trademark on the acronym in July of 2023, which is currently pending as of the time of this writing (8/2/23).

The ASSFACE diet has been successful for Erika and her clients (Erika herself lost 97.8 pounds). ASSFACE reminds users to stay away from added sugars and weight-adding carbs like white bread and processed potatoes in favor of better and healthier carbs (fruits and veggies in particular).

ASSFACE is an acronym reminder that stands for the following:

Fruits and veggies
Also contain
Eat those!

Using this reminder, people can remember to keep their added sugars and carbs that add excess weight to a minimum. If you make fruits and veggies a primary carbohydrate source in the diet, eliminate added sugars, and reduce other carbs like breads and potatoes, this will lead to weight loss and healthier weight management in most cases. When clients quit sugar, they typically lose weight around the midsection—that’s where many middle-age clients hold their weight in the first place.

If you are interested in speaking with Erika about the ASSFACE diet, please contact her at [email protected]. You can also learn more about the ASSFACE diet on Erika’s YouTube Channel and on Erika’s TikTok (username: fitness.over.40.w).

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What is the new ASSFACE Diet: A Personal Trainer Explains

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