Why Is Kenya So Rich? The Pride Of East Africa.

Why Is Kenya So Rich? The Pride Of East Africa.

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Why is Kenya so rich?

Kenya is a beautiful east African nation that harbors some of the most amazing wildlife and landscape in the world. Kenya is home to lake victoria, the second-largest freshwater source in the world and the largest lake in Africa. It is also home to the famous kora national park, the home to many of Africa’s remaining exotic and rare wildlife.

However, our main focus today isn’t on the beauty of Kenya’s wildlife or landscape. Today we are uncovering the mystery behind why Kenya is so wealthy. To fully grasp the extent of Kenya’s wealth, we have to consider every single sector in the country. From its demographics to its economy, its healthcare and education and not to mention, tourism.

Kenya is home to a unique group of African people with three primary language groups they are the Bantu, Nilo Sahara, and the afro Asiatic. It is home to groups of immigrated Asians like the people from India and Pakistan who immigrated during the British colonial rule period. The most widely spread language in Kenya is Swahili which is a language that can be described as what happens when Arabs and the African people have a baby. The Arabs first settled in Kenya in the 8th century and used the opportunity to introduce Islam to the locals. However, more than 75% of Kenyans today are Christian.

Kenya’s population skyrocketed from the early 19 60s to the early 19 80s which seriously constrained the country’s social and economic development. During the first quarter of the 20th century, the total population was fewer than four million, largely because of famines, wars, and diseases. By the late 19 40s, the population stood at more than five million then eight million by the 19 70s. The population then skyrocketed to more than 20 million by the mid-eighties. Kenya’s population then started to drop steadily due to high unemployment, the rising cost of education, poor health services, and limited food imports.

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