UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage “Hanawa Bayashi” and “Kemanai Bon Odori” Festivals to Be Held in Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture, Japan

UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage “Hanawa Bayashi” and “Kemanai Bon Odori” Festivals to Be Held in Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture, Japan

– Information on These Festivals to Be Posted on Kazuno City’s Social Media Accounts –

KAZUNO, Japan, Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “Hanawa Bayashi” (a traditional Japanese performing art form) and “Kemanai Bon Odori” (a Buddhist festival dance), which were added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, will be held from August 19 to 23 in Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture, northwestern Japan. Posts about the festivals will be available on Kazuno City’s social media accounts around the end of August after the festivals.

Photo1: Hanawa Bayashi

Photo2: Kemanai Bon Odori

Kazuno City’s social networking service (SNS) accounts for foreign visitors

“Hanawa Bayashi” featuring motion and “Kemanai Bon Odori” stillness Hanawa Bayashi will be held on August 19-20, and Kemanai Bon Odori on August 21-23. During the period, visitors can enjoy the two festivals that have different atmospheres, “motion” and “stillness.”

Hanawa Bayashi is a traditional Japanese performing art form dedicated to the deity of Hanawa, Sachi-Inari Shrine. It is an attractive event with its “motion” of 10 gorgeous floats parading through the town with an enthusiastic musical accompaniment played by young people throughout the night.

Kemanai Bon Odori is a Buddhist festival dance that consists of two types of dance: “Dainosaka Odori” which is performed with flutes and drums, and “Jinku Odori” which is performed only with singing. Both types of dance are characterized by graceful inward-facing dancing around a bonfire, and “stillness” is their charm.

For charms of Kazuno City, please visit: https://explorekazuno.jp/ (Japanese)

About Kazuno City
It is situated in the north of Akita Prefecture. With a population of 28,016, the city is endowed with rich regional resources such as cultural heritages and specialty products.

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