The House of Sol by Nazlican Yoney Wins Silver in A’ Jewelry Awards

The House of Sol by Nazlican Yoney Wins Silver in A’ Jewelry Awards

The House of Sol by Nazlican Yoney Wins Silver in A’ Jewelry Awards
The House of Sol by Nazlican Yoney Wins Silver in A’ Jewelry Awards

The House of Sol

Nazlican Yoney’s innovative jewelry lock design, The House of Sol, receives prestigious Silver A’ Design Award in Jewelry Design category.

COMO, CO, ITALY, July 2, 2024 / — The A’ Design Award, a highly respected and well-recognized award in the field of jewelry design, has announced Nazlican Yoney‘s innovative jewelry lock design, “The House of Sol,” as the Silver winner in the Jewelry Design category. This prestigious recognition highlights the significance of Yoney’s design within the jewelry industry, positioning it as a noteworthy achievement that aligns with the award’s rigorous standards of excellence.

The Silver A’ Jewelry Design Award holds significant relevance for both the winning designer and the broader jewelry industry. It serves as a benchmark of exceptional design, showcasing innovations that not only captivate aesthetically but also offer practical benefits to users. By receiving this recognition, The House of Sol design demonstrates its alignment with current trends and its potential to advance jewelry design practices, setting a new standard for creativity and functionality.

The House of Sol lock design stands out in the market through its unique blend of luxury and versatility. Crafted from premium materials such as 24k gold, 14k gold with diamonds, or gold-filled 925 silver, the lock features an innovative dual-opening mechanism that allows for effortless customization. Users can easily swap elements like pearls or turquoise, creating personalized combinations that reflect their individual style. This detachable lock, compatible with various necklaces, challenges the traditional norms of fixed locks in jewelry design while upholding principles of sustainability and quality.

Winning the Silver A’ Jewelry Design Award serves as a catalyst for future innovation within Nazlican Yoney’s brand. This recognition validates the designer’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities in jewelry design. It motivates the brand’s team to continue striving for excellence, fostering a culture of creativity and innovation. The award also opens doors for collaboration and inspires the brand to further refine its craft, without implying dominance over the industry.

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About Nazlican Yoney

Nazlican Yoney is the Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of House of Sol, a luxury jewelry brand based in New York. With a background in strategic leadership roles in the technology sector, Yoney brings a unique perspective to her entrepreneurial venture. Recognized as a thought leader, author, and advocate for women’s rights, she combines her expertise in technology and branding to create innovative jewelry designs that resonate with unapologetic women around the world.

About House of Sol

Launched in 2021 by Nazlican Yoney, the House of Sol is a fine jewelry brand with bases in Istanbul and New York. The brand’s origins are deeply rooted in the enchanting tales and precious stones of Asia Minor. Each piece is handcrafted using centuries-old artisan techniques in the hidden tunnels of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, resulting in wearable contemporary art. House of Sol’s dedication to craftsmanship and innovation, particularly showcased by its unique HoS lock design, has carved a unique position for the brand in the fine jewelry sector.

About Silver A’ Design Award

The Silver A’ Design Award recognizes top-tier designs that embody excellence and innovation in the Jewelry Design category. Recipients are acknowledged for their contribution to raising industry standards and advancing the practice of design through their highly functional and aesthetically pleasing creations. The selection process involves blind peer review by an expert jury panel based on pre-established evaluation criteria, including innovative concept, artistic expression, craftsmanship excellence, material selection, wearability and comfort, design aesthetics, functional efficiency, sustainability and ethical sourcing, cultural relevance, commercial viability, uniqueness and originality, technical proficiency, visual impact, emotional engagement, integration of precious stones, adaptability to trends, durability and longevity, packaging design, user experience, and brand identity consistency.

About A’ Design Award

The A’ Jewelry Design Award is a prestigious international competition that recognizes exceptional jewelry designs from a diverse range of participants, including designers, agencies, companies, and brands. Through a rigorous blind peer-review process conducted by an expert jury panel, entries are evaluated based on pre-established criteria. The award provides a platform for designers to showcase their creativity, gain exposure, and contribute to the advancement of the jewelry industry. With a philanthropic mission to enhance society through good design, the A’ Design Award aims to motivate the development of superior products and projects that positively impact the global community. Interested parties may learn more about the A’ Design Awards, explore jury members, view past laureates, and participate with their projects at

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