Susanna Falken Jewellery

Susanna Falken Jewellery

Bengt Warborn, Susanna Falken och Michael Falken

A New Era of Sustainable and Allergen-Free Jewelry

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, August 9, 2023/ — Susanna Falken Jewellery: A New Era of Sustainable and Allergen-Free JewelryJewelry enthusiasts and conscious consumers alike have a reason to celebrate as Susanna Falken Jewellery officially launches its e-commerce platform and announces a significant expansion. The brand, founded by the passionate entrepreneur Susanna Falken, is on a mission to revolutionize the jewelry industry by providing elegant, allergen-free, and sustainable products.

Sustainable Vision

With a vision focused on sustainability, Susanna Falken Jewellery has rapidly grown from a business-to-business model to directly selling to consumers. Coupled with a robust SEO strategy, which has increased traffic by over 1,200%, sales have soared to a quarter-million SEK.

Susanna Falken, CEO of the brand, states, “This is an exciting time for Susanna Falken Jewellery. Through e-commerce, we have been able to reach many new customers and share our passion for sustainably and ethically produced jewelry.”

A Legendary Mentor

Susanna’s expertise is no accident; her father, Bengt Warborn, founded Albrekts Guld and acquired other prominent jewelry brands. With such an accomplished mentor, she has had the opportunity to grow as an entrepreneur and designer. Starting her journey in the industry at the age of 8, Susanna’s deep-rooted knowledge and personal connection to the business have shaped her vision for her brand.

Her father’s support has been instrumental in her journey. “My father has been an invaluable pillar in my work. His experience and wisdom have helped me grow as an entrepreneur and designer,” she acknowledges.

A Commitment to Safety and Ethics

Susanna Falken Jewellery’s commitment to safety and ethics extends beyond the elegance of its designs. The latest collection is both allergy-friendly and gentle on the skin, created from safe and ethical materials like medical titanium and surgical steel 316L.

“We are proud to offer jewelry from safe and ethical materials. By being transparent and diligent in our work, we hope to make a difference in the jewelry industry,” Susanna proclaims.

Tested and approved by independent research institute RISE, the results are available for public scrutiny, underscoring the brand’s dedication to transparency and integrity.

What the Brand Stands For

With three distinct categories of jewelry – 100% surgical steel, 100% titanium, and a combination of titanium with surgical steel 316L – the brand guarantees quality and safety, a testament to their reliability when in contact with the skin.

“We see in every piece of jewelry an opportunity to make a difference – for you and for your total well-being. With Susanna Falken Jewellery, you get more than just beautiful jewelry; you get a promise of safety, quality, and care,” concludes Susanna Falken.

For further information about the products or to view the test results, visit Our Metals.

About Susanna Falken Jewellery

Susanna Falken Jewellery is not just a brand but a product of a relentless pursuit to change the jewelry industry for the better. Born from the vision of Susanna Falken, a devoted mother and ardent entrepreneur, the company symbolizes her strive for social development in a positive direction. With an education spanning project management, fashion design, and marketing, her unique blend of creativity and desire to help others has culminated in the creation of a brand that stands for elegance, safety, and ethical considerations.

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