Sugar Gay Isber’s Shark Teeth Fossil Jewelry ‘The Jaws Collection’ Heats up the Summer

Sugar Gay Isber’s Shark Teeth Fossil Jewelry ‘The Jaws Collection’ Heats up the Summer

Sugar Gay Isber’s Shark Teeth Fossil Jewelry ‘The Jaws Collection’ Heats up the Summer
Sugar Gay Isber’s Shark Teeth Fossil Jewelry ‘The Jaws Collection’ Heats up the Summer

Real Shark Tooth Fossil Covered in Gold Crossbones by Sugar Gay Isber

Necklace made of a shark tooth covered in colorful lines of crystals

Colorful Vintage Swarovski Crystals on a Fossilized Megalodon Shark Tooth

A necklace made of many shark teeth fossils covered in colorful crystals

Necklace made of many Shark Teeth Fossils Ready for a Night out or Beach Wedding

Sugar Gay Isber’s “Jaws Collection” features stunning jewelry crafted from fossilized shark teeth.

I see bold accessories as a woman’s armor.”

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HUTTO, TX, UNITED STATES, July 2, 2024 / — Make a Splash This Summer with Sugar Gay Isber’s Shark-Inspired “Jaws Collection”
Award-winning Austin jewelry artist Sugar Gay Isber is making waves this summer with her latest and most captivating creations—the “Sugar Gay Isber Jaws Collection.” This unique collection features stunning pieces crafted from fossilized shark teeth.

Sugar Gay Isber’s fascination with incorporating teeth into her jewelry designs is rooted in her childhood experiences at her father’s dental office. “I loved working in his office around teeth, so it was natural for me to find fossilized teeth appealing, too. I bought my first shark tooth as a teen and still have it today,” Sugar reminisces.

No sharks were harmed in creating this collection, as they are all fossils.

With over 20 years as a jewelry artist, Sugar has meticulously crafted hundreds of stunning items using these ancient fossils. Each shark tooth is as unique as the jewelry piece it becomes, varying in shades, sizes, and shapes, reflecting the diversity of shark species. I even had some teeth chrome plated by a renowned plater in Rhode Island, famed for his work with the US Mint. “When I sent him the shark teeth fossils, he called me laughing, but they turned out great. I think the sharks would be proud knowing their teeth have lived to see another day,” Sugar shares.

Sugar explains, “Wearing something over 100 million years old is just super cool. Transforming these fossils into elegant, timeless jewelry pieces allows me to blend the past and the present, creating something extraordinary and unique. I love making one-of-a-kind pieces using the best ingredients. I make interesting jewelry for interesting people, so fossils are perfect for jewelry. They should be worn and admired, not just looked at in museums.”

The “Sugar Gay Isber Jaws Collection” is designed to captivate the hearts of shark enthusiasts, beach brides, SCUBA fans, rock stars, fossil hunters, and fashion divas alike.

The collection is already making its mark in Hollywood. A shark-tooth necklace is featured in the upcoming film Blood Money. Sugar also created jewelry for this summer’s hit movie Hit Man.

For more information and to explore the captivating “Sugar Gay Isber Jaws Collection,” visit Sugar Gay Isber’s Etsy and Shopify shops:

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About Sugar Gay Isber: Sugar Gay Isber is a visionary jewelry artist passionate about creating exquisite pieces celebrating history and art. With over 20 years of experience in transforming ancient fossils, gems, minerals, and pearls into wearable works of art, her “Sugar Gay Isber Jaws Collection” stands as a testament to her talent and artistic vision. She has authored two DIY jewelry-making books with Fox Chapel Publishing and has taught jewelry design at Austin Community College since 2012. In 2023, Hermes honored her as one of Texas’ top 50 artisans.

For media inquiries, interviews, and high-resolution images, don’t hesitate to contact Sugar Gay Isber.

• Phone: 512-944-3766

• Email: [email protected]

• Website: Instagram: @SugarGayIsber

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