Shopkhoj Showcases Traditional& Fascinating  Jaipur Jewellery -Polki, Kundan & Meenakari

Shopkhoj Showcases Traditional& Fascinating Jaipur Jewellery -Polki, Kundan & Meenakari

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Polki Jewellery

Polki Jewellery in Jaipur

Polki Jewellery Set

Polki Jewellery Set

The Fascinating Polki Jewellery in Jaipur

NEW DELHI, INDIA, July 31, 2023/ — Polki, Meenakari and Kundan jewellery in Jaipur

Mailyn Monroe immortalized the phrase ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ when she emerged onstage in pink satin dripping in diamonds in the movie ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’. The only image that can overshadow this is that of North Indian brides – especially celebrity ones like Priyanka Chopra Jonas – entering in beautiful bridal attire (the lehenga) topped with dazzling Polki jewelry. The colors of the bridal wear, complemented by the twinkling stones and colors of the jewelry ensembles completes the perfect picture. Polki work is also used to adorn the groom – from decorating his turbans to cufflinks and buttons.

While the technique of making Polki jewelry goes back centuries to the Mughal era, this nod to tradition is a must-have on even the most modern brides’ trousseau list. Polki is a diamond in its most natural form – uncut, unpolished and unfaceted. Diamonds are cut and polished to reflect light, going through a physical and chemical transformation. Polki on the other hand deals with raw diamonds. It is a centuries-old hand-crafting technique of using diamonds in their most authentic form to create beautiful pieces of jewelry which are also pieces of art. Due to the painstaking handwork and meticulous skill involved in making these pieces, these pieces of jewelry do not have a short process time. It can take several weeks or months to make one piece. And what you get is a unique piece that no one else will have.

Making of Polki Jewellery (

Polki work is a specialty of the city of Bikaner in the state of Rajasthan but is commonly found all over the state – especially in big cities like Jaipur. Much larger than cut and polished diamonds, Polki pieces are very expensive. Heavy necklaces with multiple strands closely gathered are made with large Polki diamonds, set on gold foils that are typically painted. The reflection of light on the diamond is important requiring careful manipulation and setting. Precious stones such as rubies and emeralds are added to this type of jewellery to add more elegance and appeal. Often, these stones have an open setting and are not covered with gold at the back. This is done to reflect greater light and sparkle. Jadau Polki refers to the technique of setting the stones.

Elaborate chokers, typical of Polki Jewellery is still in vogue. Very often paired with Polki earrings or danglers, they make for very attractive and stunning show-stoppers. The big size of the polki stone ensures that they make a statement. The plain Polki diamond Jewellery is now a modern piece of jewelelry. Rubies, Sapphire & emeralds are juxtaposed with plain white diamonds to create some stunning cretaions. Detachable beads add more color and textures.

Some polki necklaces have Meenakari work done at the back. This provides a polished & smooth surface at the back of the necklace or the bangle and is done to soften the effect.

Meenakari Work(

Meenakari work is enamel work on metal and is very popular in Rajasthan. Jewellery is made by colouring metal surfaces by fusing attractive enamel colours. The craft flourished in Persia and was brought to India by the Mughals. ‘Mina’ (phonetically the same as ‘Meena’) refers to blue skies in Persian. The beauty of Meenakari work is appreciated most on reverse sides of Polki necklaces. You are likely to mistake that the Polki diamond is on the reverse side because the vibrant colours and designs in Meena work is simply stunning. This gave it the moniker of ‘reversible jewellery’. Raja Mansingh of Amer is thought to have introduced this jewellery craft in Rajasthan. In addition to jewellery, home décor objects made with metal are decorated with Meenakari work, making for stunning pieces.

Meenakari forms and process

An intricate craft, best done on gold metal, is the art of coloring the surfaces by mixing brilliant colors of enamel. Enamel is powdered glass fused together by firing, usually between 750 and 850 degrees Celsius. The designer traces the design on the metal, on which the enamel is applied.

There are 3 forms of Meenakari jewelry – Gulabi Mina using a dominant pink colour, Panchrangi Mina using 5 colours (blue, green, white, red and pink), and Ek rang Mina using a single colour.

Kundan Jewellery (

Kundan work is a very ancient and traditional form of jewellery made and worn in India. Its roots can be traced back to Rajasthan and Gujarat. Polki and Kundan are often confused with one another. The difference is that while Polki jewellery is made with real diamonds, Kundan work is created by setting cut, shaped, and polished glass pieces and coloured glass/gemstones into gold or faux metal base. This makes Kundan work much more affordable while maintaining stunning designs and beauty.

There are different variations available in Kundan jewellery. Meena Kundan which marries Meenakari work with Kundan work is a popular variation. Here enamelling with vivid colours and designs is done on the reverse of Kundan stones. Antique Kundan is also creating a niche for itself in modern bridal fashion, as it does not break the bank like Polki jewellery would.

Where to find these

Polki and its cousins, Kundan & Meenakari jewellery are traditionally found in the state of Rajasthan, India. Jaipur is a favourite with tourists, a big city that carries a lot of what Rajasthan is famous for. Some of the best shops for these types of jewellery in Jaipur are Surana Jewellers(, Motisons Jewellers, Shri Jewellery, ( Gem Palace (, & Bidrichand Jewellers.

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