Shaadi Ka Shagun – Darkest Mehandi Secrets & Hacks | Ep-4 | Anaysa

Shaadi Ka Shagun – Darkest Mehandi Secrets & Hacks | Ep-4 | Anaysa

Mehandi hai rachne vali, haathon mein gehri laali! Mehendi toh dark rach hi jayegi agar aap hamare hacks dekhoge..Toh video ko end tak zaroor dekhna aur haan Like, Share aur Comment karna bilkul mat bhoolna!!!!


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Sahu, Meena Sahu, Esha Kumari, Anaya Sahu, Kriday
Director: Dhirendar Topwal
Assistant Director: Bharti Singh
Associate Producer: Shivani Khanna
Written by: Himani Tyagi
DOP & Cameramen: Deepak Mathuriya & Shubham Singh
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Support Staff : Danish Khan & Sonu
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