Saras Analytics throws light on the Untapped Potential of Google Analytics for Marketers and eCommerce brands.

Saras Analytics throws light on the Untapped Potential of Google Analytics for Marketers and eCommerce brands.

For a broad idea, take a look at our holistic approach towards GA audit in the table below and you can use that for your internal reference as well.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 1, 2023/ — Krishna, CEO & Co-founder of Saras Analytics, shares valuable insights into the overlooked aspects of Google Analytics (GA) that hold tremendous untapped potential for marketers and eCommerce entities. In a recent statement, Krishna emphasized the powerful changes that have made Google Analytics even more valuable for businesses.

Google Analytics is widely used by marketers and product teams in the direct-to-consumer space, offering two versions: Universal Analytics and GA 360. While GA 360 is a paid product often beyond the reach of up-and-coming brands, Universal Analytics is accessible for many users at no cost. GA360 captures data globally from various brands, utilizing it to enhance Google’s advertising performance. One of the features GA offers is attribution, but marketers often face challenges and rely on other tools to solve the attribution problem.

With the introduction of GA4, Google has made a significant change by providing access to the raw user activity data captured on websites. This means that marketers can now gain valuable insights into their marketing performance without the need for additional pixels or tools specifically designed for attribution. The impact of this change has not yet been fully appreciated by many.

The raw event data consists of user details like IP address and location, as well as event data such as page views and button clicks. In the past, this data was primarily available within the walled gardens of advertising platforms, limiting brands’ ability to analyze the data at a user level. However, GA4 now exposes this raw data to users of the free version, a groundbreaking decision by Google after 20 years. Previously, only GA360 users had access to this valuable data, but at a high cost. This exclusion led many digital marketers to rely on engineering teams or third-party tools for raw data access.

However, the availability of multiple tools for the same data has created a new challenge for marketers: the existence of two different sources of truth—GA and third-party tools. This situation creates uncertainty when discrepancies arise in the numbers, making it difficult for marketers to determine which data source to trust.

To address this, Saras Analytics emphasizes the importance of leveraging GA4 and the expertise of an analyst to unlock valuable insights into marketing performance. This approach eliminates the need for additional tools, pixels, or costly attribution solutions. By navigating the data within GA4, marketers can extract meaningful information and gain a comprehensive understanding of their marketing strategies.

Proper migration to GA4 is crucial as the sunset of Universal Analytics approaches in July 2023. Businesses are advised to migrate to GA4 promptly to unlock the advanced features that provide a comprehensive and accurate analysis of their eCommerce performance.

To successfully transition from GA3 to GA4, users must map existing GA3 dimensions and metrics to events in GA4. This seamless shift allows for desired analytics outcomes, leveraging the different processing approaches of the two versions. While GA3 relies on sessions and page views, GA4 is event and parameter based.

This migration presents exciting opportunities, such as customizing shopping and checkout funnel reports and organizing data cards. By ensuring proper event mapping, businesses can align metrics and dimensions, reducing gaps in analytics data and enabling informed decision-making.

Conducting a GA audit is essential for maintaining a properly configured Google Analytics setup. Default configurations often result in issues such as internal sessions, inadequate goal tracking, inaccurate e-commerce tracking, and incorrect revenue attribution. These problems not only yield inaccurate measurements but also hinder the identification and resolution of website issues.

A thorough GA audit helps businesses identify opportunities to enhance website performance by uncovering data anomalies and ensuring alignment with their business goals across all traffic sources.

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Take advantage of the benefits of accurate data and outpace your competitors by conducting a GA audit and seamlessly migrating to GA4. This will empower your business to make well-informed decisions and optimize your website’s performance.

Krishna highlights the significance of partnering with an Analytics Instrumentation partner, particularly for web development agencies aiming to be data-forward. This partnership offers numerous advantages, including enhanced decision-making capabilities, predictive insights, improved client reporting, personalization of user experience, ongoing optimization, and a competitive edge.

By harnessing data analytics, these agencies can provide evidence-based solutions, anticipate trends, offer transparency to clients, create tailored user experiences, continually refine their services, and stand out in a saturated market. In essence, integrating an Analytics Instrumentation partner significantly upgrades an agency’s offerings, marking a critical step toward a data-forward approach.

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Saras Analytics shares a case study on how their white-labeled Analytics Implementation solutions helped an eCommerce Dev Agency gain over 25 clients in challenging times-

Businesses should migrate to GA4 today and take advantage of its powerful features to drive eCommerce success.

Saras Analytics – the Future of eCommerce, Retail, & DTC Analytics & Intelligence

Saras Analytics is a premier unified data, and analytics solutions provider, tailored for the eCommerce, retail, and DTC sectors. With a deep understanding of today’s data-driven world, Saras Analytics specializes in helping businesses unlock the full potential of their data, providing actionable insights that foster growth and success in a highly competitive landscape.

With its expertise in Google Analytics, data warehousing, and data-driven strategies, Saras Analytics offers a comprehensive range of services, including auditing, migration, and partnership opportunities. Their dedicated team of professionals works closely with clients to engineer bespoke tools and services, ensuring a strong data foundation is established at the right stage of their business.

Saras Analytics’ platform harnesses advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning technologies, delivering precise and real-time insights that enable informed decision-making. By integrating multiple data sources, they provide businesses with a holistic view of their operations, identifying trends, opportunities, and market dynamics that require agile responses.

From enhancing customer experiences and increasing conversions to optimizing customer acquisition cost (CAC) and customer lifetime value (LTV), streamlining supply chain operations, and improving the visibility of marketing ROI, Saras Analytics serves as a trusted partner for businesses seeking data-driven success. Their unified solutions are designed to elevate businesses to new levels of achievement.

Experience the difference that Saras Analytics can make for your business. Contact them today to unlock the full potential of your data and drive sustainable growth in a rapidly evolving market.

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