Revolutionary Case Study by Dr. Gordon Sasaki : MIRApeel Establishes New Standard in Efficacious Aesthetic Treatments

Revolutionary Case Study by Dr. Gordon Sasaki : MIRApeel Establishes New Standard in Efficacious Aesthetic Treatments

TEWL data gathered through MIRApeel treatment for Dr. Sasaki’s case study

it shows a series of 8 histopathological analysis of skin samples post different sessions of MIRApeel using different sets of parameters, serums and power settings

Histopathological analysis of skin samples post MIRApeel treatments using different sets of parameters, serums and power settings

Image shows both ears, the area of the treated periauricular region of the skin with MIRApeel

Treated, both ears, periauricular region of the skin with MIRApeel

Scientifically proven by Dr. Gordon Sasaki’s case study, MIRApeel emerges as a game changer, setting a new standard in aesthetic treatments.

MIRApeel offers a unique combo of Hydradermabrasion boosted by wet-microchenneling to simultaneously infuse the skin with potent serums that help to hydrate the skin & provide essential nutrients.”

— Dr. Gordon Sasaki

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 21, 2023/ — Dr. Gordon Sasaki’s Revolutionary Case Study Unveils MIRApeel MD: A Paradigm Shift in Aesthetic Treatments, backed by Unparalleled Scientific Proof.

eMIRAmed proudly introduces MIRApeel MD, a cutting-edge aesthetic treatment platform deeply rooted in science. Underscored by a commitment to rigorous research and development, eMIRAmed has channelled significant resources into scientific studies, substantiating MIRApeel’s superior effectiveness in the aesthetic treatments field. eMIRAmed distinguishes itself as the sole company providing such comprehensive scientific evidence, an embodiment of unwavering commitment to excellence.

“We are excited to bring MIRApeel to the market as a scientifically proven, revolutionary aesthetic treatment platform that provides a safe and effective solution for skin rejuvenation,” said a spokesperson for eMIRAmed. Built on the principles of quality and safety, MIRApeel MD has been subjected to stringent testing to ensure it meets the highest industry standards. Its user-friendly design makes it a favorite among licensed skincare professionals for usage in doctors’ offices, med spas, and aesthetic businesses.

eMIRAmed expresses great enthusiasm in presenting MIRApeel as a scientifically validated, trailblazing aesthetic treatment platform. This innovative platform promises a safe and efficient solution for skin rejuvenation. eMIRAmed aims to revolutionize skincare in the US by promoting healthier, radiant skin through scientifically supported, non-invasive, and user-friendly skincare solutions.

A recent case study by Dr. Gordon Sasaki, MD, FACS, showcased MIRApeel’s numerous advantages for skin rejuvenation. By innovatively combining microdermabrasion and microchanneling, MIRApeel enhances skin permeability, facilitating deeper product penetration with minimal recovery time. MIRApeel MD represents the zenith in transdermal delivery systems currently available. Its revolutionary design allows for the effective introduction of larger molecule serums into the skin’s topmost layers. This system not only provides a novel approach to skin treatment but also surpasses existing methods in efficacy and precision. It’s the embodiment of advanced skincare technology, redefining how we perceive and practice aesthetic treatments.

Extracts from Dr. Sasaki’s Case Study: “The novel MIRApeel device delivers safe and effective skin treatments, creating a therapeutic window for enhanced active ingredient delivery and overall treatment efficacy.”

MIRApeel combines wet abrasion (Hydradermabrasion) and wet microchanneling into a unique skin rejuvenation system. The device uses a grit handpiece to abrade the non-viable corneocytes and its bi-lipid barrier in the upper levels of the epidermis. It utilizes a roller handpiece covered with fine needles to penetrate the abraded stratum corneum up to a 0.25mm depth. The MIRApeel device also includes a third handpiece equipped with blue/infrared LED light to treat Propionibacterium acnes and reduce inflammation.

MIRApeel amalgamates the benefits of both microdermabrasion and microchanneling, providing a comprehensive skin rejuvenation approach. Post removing the stratum corneum barrier, the device crafts an optimal environment for subsequent micro-needling, thus enhancing skin permeability. This increased permeability is safe and induces minimal and reversible injury to the lipid barrier, improving the delivery of active ingredients and skin-specific products.

The case study underscores the significance of understanding the occurrence and duration of functional and structural changes following combined microdermabrasion and micro-needling, along with the introduction of non-irritating cosmeceuticals during and post-procedure. The delicate balance of skin permeability and barrier recovery is crucial for safe and effective aesthetic outcomes.

MIRApeel signifies the future of skincare. Its unique blend of microdermabrasion (Dermal Infusion) and microchanneling (Fractional Transbrasion)offers exceptional results for skin rejuvenation, making it the top choice for safe and effective skincare. eMIRAmed persistently fosters innovation, continually striving to augment its products and services. As MIRApeel aims to set the benchmark in the science-backed skincare industry, its primary mission remains to help people achieve healthier, more radiant skin, thereby revolutionizing the aesthetics industry.

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