Prepaire Labs Signs MOU with United Imaging Healthcare for uExplorer Total Body PET CT Scanner at Arab Health Expo 2024.

Prepaire Labs Signs MOU with United Imaging Healthcare for uExplorer Total Body PET CT Scanner at Arab Health Expo 2024.

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Collaboration Paves Way for Pioneering Multi-Modal Data Analysis in Personalized Medicine

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DUBAI, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, January 30, 2024 / — Dubai, UAE, Jan. 31, 2024 – At the forefront of innovation in the healthcare sector, Prepaire Labs is thrilled to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with United Imaging for the acquisition of the uExplorer Total Body PET CT Scanner, the first of its kind in the Middle East. This strategic move, unveiled today at Arab Health Expo 2024, signifies Prepaire Labs’ commitment to integrating multi-modal data for deeper clinical insights and personalized healthcare solutions.

The United Imaging uExplorer Total Body PET CT Scanner is celebrated for its unparalleled sensitivity and spatial resolution, allowing for the fusion of genetics, histology, and medical imaging data. By incorporating advanced machine learning-based association discovery, Prepaire Labs will enhance the understanding of disease presentation and drug response, furthering our mission to bridge the gap between genetic insights and practical healthcare.

In collaboration with Biotune, this technology enables us to analyze high-content data, uniting in vitro and in vivo findings to provide a comprehensive understanding of patient state and clinical outcomes. This analytical prowess propels Prepaire Labs towards the realization of a fully integrated “white box” platform that offers personalized medical advice tailored to the genetic and health profiles of individuals.

Carl Freer, CEO and Founder of Prepaire Labs, stated, “This opportunity represents a strategic alliance that strengthens our ability to harness the power of AI-driven drug discovery. Our work with Biotune and the acquisition of the uExplorer will assist us to understand and treat diseases at a personalized level.”

Dr. Jusong Xia, CEO of International Business at United Imaging Healthcare, said: “This partnership is a testament to our dedication to advancing healthcare and improving patient outcomes through innovation.”

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About Prepaire Labs

Prepaire Labs is a pioneering healthcare technology company focused on revolutionizing drug discovery and precision medicine. Through the integration of deep learning and biology, Prepaire Labs builds predictive models grounded in genetic, phenotypic, and clinical data. These models form a view to the underlying architecture and biology of diseases. Prepaire Labs utilizes patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), genome editing, high-content cellular phenotyping, and machine learning to create in vitro disease models that optimize genetics, cell-type, environment, and multidimensional data collection for increased predictability of human clinical outcomes. A state-of-the-art BSL3 lab is opening in May 2024, located at Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, UAE. This will serve as the new fully automated LAAS (Lab As A Service) hub and provide clinical trials on a chip using latest microfluidic devices combined with the ability to print organoid bio-networks. Visit to learn more.

About Biotune

The Biotune digital twin represents a groundbreaking convergence of healthcare and technology. This avatar isn’t just a visual representation; it’s a dynamic model of your health, carrying your genetic makeup, medical history, and even real-time biometrics. Healthcare professionals can interact with your digital twin for diagnostic and treatment planning purposes. This data isn’t just a snapshot; it’s a dynamic, time-sequenced record of your health, capturing everything from genetic predispositions to real-time biometrics. This rich dataset allows these experts to provide incredibly nuanced and personalized medical advice, elevating diagnostics to a level of precision and customization previously unattainable.

About United Imaging

United Imaging develops and produces advanced medical products and IT solutions that cover the entire process of imaging diagnosis and treatment. Founded in 2011 with global headquarters in Shanghai, the company has subsidiaries and R&D centers across China, the United States, and other parts of the world. The U.S. R&D facility opened in 2013 in Houston and was further established as the U.S headquarters in 2018 with their service team and commercial organization in place. With a cutting-edge digital portfolio and a mission of broader access to healthcare for all, United Imaging is driving industry progress.

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