Norma Shapland Empowers in ‘Unstoppable Volume 2: 25 Stories of Women Overcoming Adversity’

Norma Shapland Empowers in ‘Unstoppable Volume 2: 25 Stories of Women Overcoming Adversity’

Norma Shapland

Discover resilience and self-belief in the pages of the inspirational anthology ‘Unstoppable Volume 2.’

UNITED STATES, September 3, 2023/ — The Queenie Effect Publishing proudly announces the launch of their latest book collaboration, “Unstoppable Volume 2: 25 Inspirational Stories From Women In Business Who Overcame Adversity To Create A Powerful Legacy.” Norma Shapland stands out among the esteemed authors, sharing her remarkable journey of resilience, empowerment, and self-belief within the pages of this impactful anthology.

Norma Shapland’s inclusion in “Unstoppable Volume 2” reflects her commitment to inspiring, motivating, and empowering readers to embrace their inner strength. She expressed, “Each woman’s story, including my own, carries the potential to illuminate someone’s world, to demonstrate that adversities can be surpassed, and to inspire individuals to step into their authentic selves.”

Norma Shapland candidly narrates her triumph over challenges and self-doubt. She underlines that embodying the ‘Unstoppable’ spirit involves confronting life’s trials with unwavering determination. “To me, becoming unstoppable meant acknowledging and embracing my vulnerabilities, reframing them as catalysts for growth,” noted Norma Shapland. Her story resonates with the anthology’s overarching theme, exemplifying women’s extraordinary strength and resilience globally.

The compelling stories featured in “Unstoppable Volume 2” have propelled Norma Shapland to the position of a Best-Selling Author. However, her modesty shines as she attributes this recognition to the collective strength of the women who have passionately contributed to this anthology.

Unstoppable Volume 2 achieved Best Seller status within 4 hours and Number 1 in over 20 categories across 4 countries, becoming an International Best Seller.

Norma Shapland’s story is poised to resonate intensely, particularly with women aged 50 and beyond. Her mission involves debunking misconceptions surrounding starting anew in life and aging. She conveys a clear message: dreams have no expiration date. Through her personal life’s chapters, Norma Shapland discovered that age amplifies our capacity to confront future challenges with wisdom and experience.

Beyond her role as an author, Norma Shapland is dedicated to effecting positive change in people’s lives. Her partnership with Prüvit enables her to champion health and well-being, particularly through the use of exogenous ketones. Norma Shapland envisions fostering a community where individuals mutually support each other on their journey to better health, cultivating a future where vitality and well-being are everyday realities.

Norma Shapland’s advice to women aspiring to be unstoppable is simple and profound: Embrace Self-Belief. She encourages women to harbor faith in themselves, even in the face of adversity. Norma Shapland personifies the ‘Unstoppable’ ethos by cultivating unwavering self-belief, encouraging readers to surge forward, embrace their uniqueness, and forge a legacy.

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