Look Expensive On A Budget in Massimo Dutti

Look Expensive On A Budget in Massimo Dutti

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Massimo Dutti clothes:

Look 1:

Look 2:

Look 3:

Look 4:

Look 5:

Look 6:

Look 7:

Look 8:

Affiliate links to the other items in this video:

Maison michel hat:
Gucci Loafer:
Wicker basket:
White jeans:
White linen shirt:
Nipple covers:

I couldn’t find in the exact same style, but here are in similar styles/colors:

Sunglasses – Chloe:
Belt – Sandro:
Belt – Sandro:
Belt- Sandro:
Invisible bra:
Invisible bra 2:
Make up table:

Items in the background:

Gold sandals:
White sandals:
White sandals 2:
Black sandals:
Gold wedges:
Manolo Blahnik:
Make up brushes:

My Make up in this video:


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