KB PURE launching a new cutting edge anti-aging cosmetic technology

KB PURE launching a new cutting edge anti-aging cosmetic technology

X Y Z KB PURE products

X Y Z FORMULA – the next big thing in anti-aging

RISHON LEZION, ISRAEL, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — KB PURE offers a variety of problematic-skin products that are sold by thousands of professional cosmetologists. After three years of clinical trials and development, the company is launching the triple technology: X Y Z FORMULA, three products working together to delay skin-aging processes while increasing deep skin rejuvenation, thanks to unique ingredients developed by Kobi Baruch – KB PURE’s product developer and an expert in therapeutic cosmetics and aromatherapy – along with the company’s chemists. The products are suitable to use around the face, eyes, and neck (decolletage), without any side effects or skin irritants.

X FORMULA – rejuvenating serum for minimizing signs of aging – a thermal-action product for increasing rejuvenation and solidifying processes. The product combines a patented complex of ingredients that contribute to deep-skin rejuvenation without any chemical manipulations that requires adaptation.

Leading ingredients:

Bakuchiol – the Bakuchiol plant (aka Babchi) contains plant-based retinoids that reinvigorates the skin, and has undergone strict safety tests in Israel.

SWT-7 – a revolutionary growth factor that promotes the production of keratinocyte cells (epidermis cells) to regenerate the epidermis, as well as

Gorgonian to relax the skin and stimulate the creation of enzymes that function as oxygenation factors,

and cardamom oil – that helps soften the skin.

Y FORMULA – stimulating serum for improving skin functions – developed using advanced technology that increases the deep-skin rejuvenation processes of collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid, thanks to powerful antioxidants that increase the energy level in skin cells. The serum stimulates the creation of vitamins, proteins, and amino acids in the skin. Leading ingredients:

SYN TACK – an innovative, unique peptide from KB PURE’s labs that improves the creation of elastin fibers while increasing deep-skin collagen and hyaluronic acid regeneration, placenta – plant placenta containing five different kinds of growth factors that directly affect the creation of skin-essential proteins,

hyaluronic acid (non-penetrative) to minimize wrinkles and smooth out skin texture,

and RIBOSE that encourages ATP synthesis, which reinvigorates skin cells.

Z FORMULA – biomimetic serum for solidifying the skin – a technological breakthrough that enables increased activity of active-concentration vitamin C (6%) alongside biomimetic peptides. Together they create a powerful solidifying effect, minimize wrinkles, smooth out skin texture, generally lighten the skin tone, moisten the face, and more.

Leading ingredients:

Vitamin C (the only one with 6 stable percents) – three different vitamin C derivatives, which contribute to solidifying, lightening, moistening, increased generation of natural skin antioxidants, minimizing harmful inflammation processes, and significantly relieving various skin sensitivities.

Matrixyl Morphomics – encourages regeneration of collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc.

Bamboo charcoal – a micro-porous material that does not stain the skin surface and contains many minerals that enrich the skin and contribute to its vitality,

aromatic oils (integrated in an active product for the first time) – to encourage a sense of happiness, which contributes to the essential physiological function of skin tissue.

The combination of these three formulas leads to immediate and continuous results, skin changes, shine, solidity, glow, and minimized dark areas.

Kobi Baruch, therapeutic cosmetics expert, KB PURE founder and product developer: “we’ve been working on the next generation of anti-aging products for a long time now, and finally after years of development and clinical and dermatological trials, we created the X Y Z FORMULA.

The combination of these three formulas, each with its own unique ingredients, leads to quick and proven results in delaying the skin’s aging processes. In this series, we’ve combined for the first time ingredients that were completely absent from therapeutic cosmetics, such as a stable 6 percent concentration of vitamin C, aromatic oils that also include a mental effect, micro-porous bamboo charcoal, and others.”

Products are approved according to the strictest standards and are sold by KB-PURE licensed doctors and cosmetologists only. The products are suitable for all skin types and tones, through all seasons of the year

Join the international revolution that has already swept hundreds of thousands of patients around the world.

All of KB PURE LTD’s products have undergone dermatological testing and clinical trials, and are approved according to the strictest standards by Israel’s Ministry of Health and other global authorities.

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