Ivy Makeup Tutorial

lol with the reflection in our glasses we really do look alike 🙄😜😂. It has been such a gift to share my “girly little secrets” with Ivy. Like how there is something so therapeutic about the routine of doing your makeup…I almost find it meditative at times. It’s something I do for myself, just for me and just because. I’m glad she’s getting to experience the fun of this in her own way, at her own pace❤
PS…Ivy has my natural hair color?! Hmmmmmmm……

cc cream : @thrive
concealer: @glo
Powder puff: @beautyblender
Eyeliner: @Hourglass Cosmetics obsidian 1.5 MM
Eyebrow pencil: @Westman Atelier
Mascara: @Sisley Paris for length, thrive for volume
Blush and highlighter: @Hourglass Cosmetics
Lip gloss: @Bobbi Brown Cosmetics pedal pink

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