Innovation Leader Sugar Sugar Trademarks for “Comfort Sugaring”

Innovation Leader Sugar Sugar Trademarks for “Comfort Sugaring”

Sugar Sugar continues to double down on its quality-of-service as a separator.

Franchising Insider Darling, Sugar Sugar Further Separate Itself From the Pack by Drill Down on its Service – With an Eye on the Future

Our clients recognize the difference. We don’t lose clients to competitors. So we knew it was important for us to note the large space between our service and anyone else.”

— Amber Harings – Franchise Development and Support


Sugar Sugar, the trailblazing force in the clean beauty franchise vertical, has announced the successful trademark application of the revolutionary innovation, Comfort Sugaring. Sugar Sugar continues to be the force for sugaring hair removal franchises (sugar waxing franchises).

Comfort Sugaring is guaranteed to be the most painless and most effective sugaring hair removal method on the market. It’s the type of advancement franchising industry pros have lauded Sugar Sugar for. It’s another tip of the cap to the franchise’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries within beauty with an eye on the future.

With Comfort Sugaring , Sugar Sugar has doubled-down on its sugaring hair removal systems and technology, proving itself as the client’s best friend. Its advancement in the exploding clean beauty vertical, depicts Sugar Sugar’s standards for innovation, efficiency, and customer experience. By securing Comfort Sugaring, Sugar Sugar establishes its position as a pioneer in the field and reinforces its determination to continuously raise the bar for excellence in the market.

“As more brands learn about sugaring hair removal, it’s tantamount we stay ahead of any conflation,” said Aimee Blake, Founder Sugar Sugar. “We want our clients to know clean beauty is not a “trend” for us. It’s the solution we’ve been about since our inception. The industry is now playing catch up. We anticipate more “wanna be’s.”

Not all sugaring is created equal. Service quality will affect pain amount and the results. It’s not enough to offer “sugaring”. It’s important to do it well and to do it with consistency. Sugaring should be thought of the way cutting hair is. There are different levels of skill. And that skill effects the visit, and the results.

“We’ve always said that sugaring hair removal is a proficiency skill.” Blake continued. “Not all Sugar is equal. Some processes hurt substantially more. The business is new, which means a lot of mis-information right now. At times service providers are going the wrong direction, using heat, muslin, even microwaves. ”

“As sugaring hair removal continues to grow in popularity, and as a solution, it’s important for us to denote the difference between what we do and everyone else, said Amber Harings, Franchisee Training and Support Lead. “Our clients recognize the difference. We don’t lose clients to competitors. So we knew it was important for us to note the large space between our service and anyone else.”

“It’s important our clients know we’ve been here for ten years,” Blake continued. “We work every day on our business, and have thrived to improve and advance this industry. We believe it shows in our customer retention.”

Sugar Sugar has thrived and scaled in one of the most competitive markets in the country, Scottsdale. The success the brand has seen at its franchise and corporate locations proves the brand resonates with clients in every neighborhood and market. This provides for clear and fast scalability.”

Blake continued, “Sugaring hair removal will undoubtedly continue to become a more competitive industry. More players will come into the market every day. Waxing companies will venture in, aspiring to supplement falling income. It’s extremely important to have a thorough plan in place for the future and for future competition.

About Sugar Sugar: Sugar Sugar is a trailblazing clean-beauty brand dedicated to providing customers with natural, effective, and eco-conscious beauty solutions. With a focus on sugaring hair removal and a wide range of clean beauty products, the company has quickly become a go-to destination for those seeking healthier alternatives in their beauty routines. Committed to sustainability, customer satisfaction, and empowering individuals to look and feel their best, Sugar Sugar continues to lead the way in the clean beauty revolution.

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