Indie Rock / RnB Artist DEB MANSO Drops New Single “Dopamine”

Indie Rock / RnB Artist DEB MANSO Drops New Single “Dopamine”

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Deb Manso

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Deb Manso

Singer/Songwriter Gets Honest About Mental Health, Vulnerability, and Stepping Into Her Truth

This single is the most vulnerable I’ve been creatively. I’m sharing with the world that I have depression. A lot of my close circle of friends are unaware of this.”

— Deb Manso

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 28, 2023/ — Brooklyn-based artist Deb Manso has unveiled her latest indie rock/RnB single, entitled “Dopamine,” the highly anticipated release following her breakout single “Word Play.” In this new song, Deb opens up about her mental health journey expressing, ‘ “Dopamine” was inspired by my relationship with antidepressants. I started to have severe depression at the end of the pandemic lockdown and it got worse when my mother became terminally ill. My doctor prescribed me antidepressants, and although they were very helpful, my biggest fear was becoming too dependent on them. This single is the most vulnerable I’ve been creatively. I’m sharing with the world that I have depression. A lot of my close circle of friends are unaware of this.”

This emotional track addresses the importance of mental health, making it her most personal and powerful release yet. Expertly produced by renowned NYC producer/engineer Ken Helmlinger, the lyrics are deeply honest and captivate the listener with a mellow lo-fi vibe. Deb shares more on creating this piece: “The meaning behind the lyrics reflects the realization that stepping into my truth and being vulnerable is a cure for my depression. I also wanted the visuals to have a dreamy psychedelic feel to bring it all to life.”

“Dopamine” is the second in a series of singles that Deb Manso will be releasing as a sneak peek into her debut EP, scheduled for release in early 2024. As a born and raised New Yorker, Deb Manso, also known as Debora Rivas, developed a profound appreciation for diverse musical genres from a young age. Her early experiences singing in church and school laid the foundation for her love of music, influenced by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Ann Wilson and Thom Yorke.

In her 20s, Manso began honing her craft as a songwriter and recording her own songs. She emerged onto the vibrant NYC music scene, captivating audiences with her performances at open mic nights in intimate venues throughout the city. During this time, she found a supportive music mentor who encouraged her to write songs for TV pilots, expanding her creative horizons.

However, it wasn’t until her 40s, after the profound loss of her mother, that Deb Manso discovered her true calling as an artist. Battling depression and anxiety, she found solace and therapy in expressing her personal experiences through songwriting. Inspired by a diverse range of female singer/songwriters such as Lana Delray, Phoebe Bridgers, and FKA Twigs, Deb Manso aimed to create music that resonated with others, particularly women over 40 who are navigating their own paths of self-discovery.

Reflecting on her artistic journey, Deb Manso shared, “It wasn’t until now, in this moment of my life, that I truly realized my purpose. I am here to challenge the stigma of aging and bring value to the richness of experience through sharing stories of personal growth and life’s seasons. This is my time!”

Deb Manso’s latest single, “Dopamine,” is now available on all major music streaming platforms. Fans can anticipate the release of the accompanying music video for “Dopamine” and stay tuned for more captivating releases from this talented artist.

More about Deb Manso

Debora Rivas, known by her stage name Deb Manso, hails from Wyandanch, NY, where she was born and raised. With a passion for singing that began at age 5, Deb Manso’s journey as a performer began in her middle school choir. It was during this time that her father, an aspiring musician himself, exposed her to a vast array of musical influences, boasting an extensive record collection featuring artists ranging from The Rolling Stones and Dionne Warwick to Juan Gabriel. This rich tapestry of sounds nurtured Deb Manso’s deep-rooted love for music from a tender age.

Fueling her creative fire were the captivating melodies of iconic figures such as Mariah Carey, Stevie Nicks, Ann Wilson, Nirvana, and the incomparable queen of soul, Aretha Franklin. These luminaries not only captured Deb Manso’s admiration but also inspired her to forge her own path as a songwriter. Now, under the moniker Deb Manso, an homage to her mother’s maiden name, she aspires to carve out a distinct space for herself within the music industry.

Looking ahead, Deb Manso has set her sights on sharing her music with the world with the release of her debut EP, slated to grace the streaming platforms this fall. With her unique blend of influences and unwavering determination, Deb Manso endeavors to captivate audiences with her singular artistic vision, ready to embark on a promising musical career.

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