Heritage home redefined: A case study in sustainable renovation

Heritage home redefined: A case study in sustainable renovation

LONDON, Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Architecture for London, a prominent architecture and interiors firm focused on sustainable and energy-efficient designs, has unveiled a groundbreaking renovation of a heritage house. The house is transformed into a model of comfort, energy efficiency, and minimal interior design.

The ambitious project was a testament to the potential of existing structures to be innovatively renovated, honoring their heritage while meeting contemporary standards. The approach revealed and celebrated the original structure’s modest beauty, whilst achieving an impressive 80% energy saving compared to standard homes of comparable size.

The project champions the sustainable refurbishment of historic homes on a constrained budget. Key low energy design features include triple glazing, a continuous airtight layer, and insulation enveloping the entire building. The original heritage facade was insulted internally using wood fiber.

In keeping with the firm’s commitment to green practices, walls were retained to avoid energy-intensive steel box frames. Throughout the renovation, preference was given to natural materials such as stone, timber, and lime plaster over cement-based products.

“Simple steps can greatly enhance a home’s sustainability. As my Passive House mentor suggested, ‘target the low-hanging fruit.’ Just sealing our front door created a draught-free space. Imagine the impact if every homeowner followed suit.”
Ben Ridley, Director, Architecture for London.

About Architecture for London

Architecture for London is a leading architecture and interiors firm dedicated to creating beautiful, well-considered buildings with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. Their work aims to positively transform the built environment, contributing to a more sustainable future. Architecture for London works in the UK & internationally.


Contact: Ben Ridley, mail@architectureforlondon.com, +44(0)20 3637 4236

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