Frequense Pioneers Frequency-Infused Health and Wellness Solutions

Frequense Pioneers Frequency-Infused Health and Wellness Solutions

Frequense Pioneers Frequency-Infused Health and Wellness Solutions
Frequense Pioneers Frequency-Infused Health and Wellness Solutions

Frequense delivers frequency charged nutrition for everyone

Dave Pitcock addresses a large audience at a Frequense event. The room is decorated with balloon arches in neutral tones and black, featuring the Frequense logo prominently on banners behind the speaker. Attendees are seated facing the stage, listening at

Dave Pitcock addresses the audience at an early Frequense event

The extended Pitcock family poses together on a sunny beach with the ocean and palm trees in the background. The group consists of eight adults and three children, all dressed in light, neutral-colored clothing. The adults and children are smiling and sta

Founders Dave and Barb Pitcock with their children and their partners: Kali Pitcock, Chance Pitcock, Daisy Pfannenstiel, and Darien Jackson

Wellness Enthusiasts And Entrepreneurs Are Raving About This Innovative Company’s Frequency-Infused Products

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES , July 8, 2024 / — Frequense, an emerging leader in the health and wellness industry, is revolutionizing the market with its frequency-charged product line. Founded by Dave and Barb Pitcock, the company leverages advanced frequency technology to offer innovative health solutions aimed at enhancing overall well-being.

Innovative Approach to Wellness

Frequense sets itself apart by integrating frequency technology into its high-quality wellness products. This method involves tuning products with harmonic frequencies to harmonize the body’s natural energies, providing a holistic approach to health. The company’s commitment to quality is evident in its rigorous selection and testing of ingredients, ensuring each product meets the highest industry standards.

“With the leadership we have and the culture we are building I have no doubt we can build a legacy company that surpasses anything we’ve ever seen in this profession.” – Barb Pitcock

Strategic Growth and Market Impact

Since its inception, Frequense has experienced rapid growth. The company’s unique combination of advanced technology, high-quality products, and an innovative affiliate marketing model has created a dynamic community of health-conscious individuals and lifestyle-driven entrepreneurs. This approach blends social selling with Network Marketing, broadening the opportunities for customer engagement and network growth. They’ve seen a massive influx of independent distributors who want to work with the company.

“As cliche as it sounds, Frequense feels like home. I have never felt more aligned in business. It starts at the root, and Dave and Barb Pitcock are exceptional mentors and owners. They know how to empower success, but just as important, they make us feel valued and seen.” – Jena Tomer

“People today crave the freedom to pursue their passions, and Frequense delivers just that. Their simple, advanced systems have led to more success here than anywhere else we’ve seen. We are incredibly grateful to be part of the Frequense journey, spreading success and fulfillment to everyone we touch.” – Robin Younge and Sarah Lovely

Leadership and Vision

Under the leadership of the Pitcock family, Frequense continues to innovate in the health and wellness sector. Co-CEOs Dave and Barb Pitcock bring extensive experience in business development and health coaching, driving the company’s mission to transform lives through accessible, science-backed wellness solutions. Their family-focused approach fosters a supportive and inclusive community, contributing significantly to the company’s success.

Accompanying the founders on this journey are their children, Chance and Kali Pitcock, along with their partners, Darien Jackson and Daisy Pfannenstiel. Their combined creativity and dedication to environmental sustainability ensure that the company’s products not only look good but are also eco-friendly. With entrepreneurial backgrounds and innovative mindsets, Kali, Chance, Daisy, and Darien significantly contribute to Frequense’s commitment to excellence and ongoing success.

Milestone Achievements

Frequense’s journey is marked by significant milestones, including a highly successful beta launch in November 2023, which generated sales exceeding $1 million. Building on this momentum, the company’s pre-launch in March 2024 extended its revenue to over $2 million, demonstrating the market’s eagerness for its innovative products.

“At Frequense, we are committed to not only creating a great community but also pioneering as category creators. Together, we envision an amazing future where our innovative spirit and collaborative efforts lead to amazing solutions and lasting success.” – Dave Pitcock

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Frequense is gearing up for the Rise & Vibe Summit in Dallas, Texas, on August 9th and 10th. This event will feature leadership recognition, training sessions, and insights into the company’s manufacturing and research processes. Additionally, Frequense is planning a formal launch event in early 2025, marking another significant milestone in its mission to transform the health and wellness landscape.

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