Chicago Hyperhidrosis Clinic Launches Brella – A New Treatment for Excessive Sweating

Chicago Hyperhidrosis Clinic Launches Brella – A New Treatment for Excessive Sweating

Chicago Hyperhidrosis Clinic Launches Brella – A New Treatment for Excessive Sweating
Chicago Hyperhidrosis Clinic Launches Brella – A New Treatment for Excessive Sweating

Brella is a treatment patch for excessive sweating that promises up to four months of relief.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, July 2, 2024 / — Chicago Hyperhidrosis Clinic introduces an advanced solution to combat excessive sweating with the introduction of Brella, a new FDA-cleared SweatControl Patch. This treatment promises relief for individuals affected by hyperhidrosis, a condition impacting millions worldwide.

Hyperhidrosis, characterized by uncontrollable sweating often worsened by stress and anxiety, presents significant social and practical challenges. “Many individuals affected struggle with daily activities, frequently changing clothes, and feeling self-conscious,” explains Dr. Sam Speron, a specialist at Chicago Hyperhidrosis Clinic.

The Brella SweatControl Patch employs patented “targeted alkali thermolysis” (TAT) technology designed to reduce underarm sweating. In a brief, three-minute in-office procedure, the sodium-based patch targets sweat glands, effectively curbing excessive perspiration for up to four months. This non-invasive approach provides an alternative to traditional treatments, ensuring minimal disruption to daily routines.

Dr. Speron emphasizes the patch’s safety and efficacy, highlighting its ability to address a persistent issue with a straightforward yet effective solution. “We’re excited about the potential impact of Brella on our patients’ quality of life,” he adds. Unlike over-the-counter antiperspirants, which often fall short in managing hyperhidrosis, Brella offers a targeted, long-lasting remedy tailored to individual needs.

Alongside Brella, Chicago Hyperhidrosis Clinic continues to offer Botox injections as another effective treatment option for excessive sweating. Widely recognized for its cosmetic applications, Botox has proven highly successful in reducing sweat production by up to 90% when administered in the underarms, palms, and soles. This approach involves a series of injections preceded by a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort, with results typically lasting several months before a repeat treatment is necessary.

For those seeking a more permanent solution, MiraDry provides an alternative with its microwave technology aimed at permanently eliminating sweat glands in the underarm area. This non-invasive procedure offers lasting relief from excessive sweating, accompanied by reduced underarm odor and minimal recovery time.

Chicago Hyperhidrosis Clinic’s commitment to advancing treatments for hyperhidrosis underscores its dedication to patient care and innovation. Dr. Speron’s clinic, renowned for its comprehensive approach to cosmetic and therapeutic solutions, continues to provide effective treatments that enhance both physical comfort and confidence.

As awareness of hyperhidrosis grows, fueled by its impact on millions globally, Chicago Hyperhidrosis Clinic remains at the forefront of medical advancements. With Brella’s introduction and ongoing research into enhanced therapies, the clinic reaffirms its mission to empower individuals affected by excessive sweating with reliable, transformative solutions.

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