Celebrating 400+ Inspired Perfumes of Luxury, Craftsmanship, and Sustainability

Celebrating 400+ Inspired Perfumes of Luxury, Craftsmanship, and Sustainability

BROOKLYN, NY, USA, August 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Unleashed Perfumes, an emblem of ingenuity and elegance in the fragrance realm, proudly announces a significant milestone – the creation of an extraordinary collection featuring 400 inspired versions of luxury perfumes. This remarkable accomplishment stands as a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation, luxury, and environmental responsibility.

Founders Roman Freiter and Julia Mikhelzon have steered Unleashed Perfumes on a creative odyssey, infusing each scent with luxury brand inspiration and dedication to crafting fragrances that transcend conventional boundaries. A symphony of creativity and craftsmanship, this collection symbolizes not only the brand’s journey but also its resonance in the world of fragrance.

Roman Freiter, the visionary behind Unleashed Perfumes, enthuses, “From the genesis of our first fragrance to this monumental achievement of 400+ inspired versions, our voyage has been a celebration of creativity, excellence, and the boundless potential of nature. This milestone embodies our unwavering commitment to redefine perfumery.”

The hallmark of Unleashed Perfumes extends beyond numbers; it encompasses a harmonious blend of luxury and conscious choices. In an industry often dominated by synthetic compositions, Unleashed Perfumes proudly champions authenticity and sustainability. Each fragrance within this exceptional collection is an ode to nature’s finest, meticulously crafted to embody responsible luxury.

Julia Mikhelzon, the co-founder, articulates, “Beyond the number 400, this celebration is a revelation. It is an embrace of luxury that resonates with mindful consumers, echoing our values and creating an olfactory experience that transcends time.”

Unleashed Perfumes continues to elevate the fragrance experience with the introduction of 10ml travel-friendly bottles. These sleek vessels encapsulate convenience and sophistication, enabling fragrance enthusiasts to carry their preferred scents wherever life takes them, epitomizing luxury without boundaries.

In a spirit of gratitude, Unleashed Perfumes offers a token of appreciation to its cherished customers. Orders above $25 will enjoy the added luxury of complimentary shipping, opening a fragrant pathway to the world of Unleashed Perfumes’ creations. For those with a discerning taste for perfume indulgence, orders above $50 will also receive complimentary samples, an invitation to explore the realm of luxury and authenticity.

As Unleashed Perfumes celebrates the creation of 400+ inspired perfumes, the founders extend an invitation to discerning fragrance aficionados and conscious luxury seekers to join in this remarkable journey. In a dynamic and evolving fragrance landscape, Unleashed Perfumes continues to redefine the boundaries of creativity, luxury, and ethical sensibilities.

Here are our top 10 best sellers:

1. https://www.unleashedperfumes.com/product-page/inspired-by-mojave-ghost

2. https://www.unleashedperfumes.com/product-page/inspired-by-no-5

3. https://www.unleashedperfumes.com/product-page/inspired-by-aventus

4. https://www.unleashedperfumes.com/product-page/inspired-by-baccarat-rouge

5. https://www.unleashedperfumes.com/product-page/inspired-by-good-girl-gone-bad

6. https://www.unleashedperfumes.com/product-page/inspired-by-santal-33

7. https://www.unleashedperfumes.com/product-page/inspired-by-attrape-reves

8. https://www.unleashedperfumes.com/product-page/inspired-by-delina

9. https://www.unleashedperfumes.com/product-page/inspired-by-fucking-fabulous

10. https://www.unleashedperfumes.com/product-page/inspired-by-black-opium

About Unleashed Perfumes:

Unleashed Perfumes is a high-end fragrancing perfume brand that creates perfumes inspired by famous luxury brands. Proudly made in the United States, Unleashed perfumes are available in four sizes: 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml, starting at $20. They are made with all-natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free ingredients. Their entire fragrance line contains a 30% oil concentration, which provides a long-lasting and immersive olfactory experience for the wearer.

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