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SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, April 16, 2023/ — Sydney’s leading men’s stylist Bernard Kassab asks the question ‘Are we keeping it classy in Sydney? Sydney is an ever-evolving cosmopolitan city with a melting pot of cultures and character and when it comes to fashion, the masses conform to bucking trends than finding its own identity.
So, what do we have at our fingertips that we can take advantage of to start charting our own fashion image was my question to Kassab?

“Being a ‘melting pot’ means we have influences from around the world, if you dig a little deeper, you can find unique patterns and colours everywhere that can be nicely paired with basics to suit any function,” explained Kassab .

“Colours and patterns with base tones that are earthy and neutral let those highlight pieces stand out. They become the feature of the outfit. Try to keep the larger feature pieces to a minimum and pair them with accessories to bring together the entire outfit. When it comes to fashion, you should look to find a style that compliments you rather than just the next fad that passes by. You will find at any event the outfit that captures the most attention is the one that allows others to feel they can release and express themselves through finding their personal style. It is tough though to find your fashion voice, there are so many stores and shopping districts. Many find it overwhelming which is why many either ignore it completely or follow the trends, often not feeling comfortable in their own skin”, said Kassab.

As you find your own style, you’ll also find that true fashion voice is timeless. Whether you spend big, buy from Target, or love recycled fashion, knowing your shape and complimenting it will instil confidence and radiate throughout a room. This is where a personal professional stylist can help – a true stylist will understand your lifestyle, budgets, and body shape, to find something that matches you.

Kassab warns to be warry of the smooth operator taking you to their favourite places to shop, in particular if they get an incentive or kickback from doing so. “I wouldn’t stop anyone from making money”, said Kassab, “but the clients need must come first or else you’ll find you won’t be excited to wear the items or feel comfortable.”

Here some golden rules from Kassab you can keep in mind when selecting you stylist:
1. Do they reflect the style you are looking for?
2. Does what they say and do leave you feeling empowered?
3. Do they take in your needs as a priority when planning your styling?
4. Do they pass on knowledge and insights that allow you to create your own voice?
Great personal stylists like Bernard Kassab know how to shop for different body types and lifestyles. Piecing together styles, stores, and colours is a fun process for them and working with all different personal styles is what they’re best at.

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