Welcome to Dr.TWL Pharmacy: A Online Beauty Pharmacy for Customised Prescriptive Skincare, Haircare and Makeup

Welcome to Dr.TWL Pharmacy: A Online Beauty Pharmacy for Customised Prescriptive Skincare, Haircare and Makeup

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Dermatologist Skincare

Dermatologist Skincare

dermatologist recommended skincare

dermatologist recommended skincare

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SINGAPORE, April 20, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Singapore-based Dr.TWL Pharmacy has launched an eco-conscious beauty range for international delivery. Founded by a board-certified dermatologist and a pharmaceutical engineer, the company specializes in skincare, haircare, and makeup products for highly sensitive skin and scalp without any irritating or sensitizing ingredients.

The company’s parent, Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, has been a leading manufacturer of cosmeceutical products for skin of color since 2017. Dr.TWL Pharmacy’s product range includes prescriptive skincare compounds for acne, pigmentation, aging and scars, as well as personal care products formulated for those with sensitive skin.

The company’s skincare line features a range of dermatologist recommended skincare products, including the Vita C GOLD Serum, Vitamin C for Sensitive Skin serum specially formulated for those with sensitive skin. The Acne Discovery Kit is an over-the-counter acne skincare treatment kit, which includes an effective pimple cream to treat acne flare-ups.

Dr.TWL Pharmacy’s beauty library offers a range of titles by the company’s founder, Dr. Teo Wan Lin, an international KOL in cosmeceutical skincare for Asian markets. Members can access all titles, as well as receive additional freebies.

The company’s beauty tech store features the latest devices for skincare and haircare at discounted prices. Customers who purchase from Dr.TWL Pharmacy also receive a complimentary iconic expandable cosmetic bag lined with an antibacterial strip to disinfect makeup tools.

Dr.TWL Pharmacy is committed to reducing environmental waste caused by beauty packaging. The company’s custom makeup line allows customers to create unlimited shades of lip and blush in a single reusable UV-protective palette.

Shopping at Dr.TWL Pharmacy also qualifies customers for free full-sized gifts and allows them to request custom samplers from the company’s makeup lab. Additionally, customers who shop for the whole family can maximize their savings and earn more free gifts.

Dr.TWL Pharmacy’s personal care section includes household products made with a plant-based surfactant, soapwort, which is safe for the whole family and the environment. The company’s laundry detergent sheets are an eco-friendly option for those with sensitive skin.

Dermatologist Skincare Dr. Teo Wan Lin, the founder of Dr.TWL Pharmacy, said, “We believe that beauty and personal care should not come at the expense of the environment or personal health. We have created a range of highly effective products that are gentle on the skin and scalp without compromising on results. We are committed to reducing waste and protecting the environment, which is why we have launched an eco-conscious beauty range.”

Dr.TWL Pharmacy ships internationally to customers’ doorsteps, making it easy for anyone to access highly effective skincare, haircare, and makeup products. With its commitment to reducing waste and protecting the environment, Dr.TWL Pharmacy is leading the way in sustainable beauty.

For more information about Dr.TWL Pharmacy and its range of products, visit https://drtwlderma.com/.

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Dermatologist Skincare

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