Weifang Intangible Cultural Heritage of China Appears at the Spring Festival Gala of the the Year of the Loong in Arras, France

Weifang Intangible Cultural Heritage of China Appears at the Spring Festival Gala of the the Year of the Loong in Arras, France

WEIFANG, China, Feb. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from the Shandong Office of Hong Kong Business Daily. Recently, an art feast for the Spring Festival in the the Year of the Loong was held in Arras, France. This evening party has become a platform for Chinese New Year celebrations in France, as well as a window for French people to understand China’s development and culture.

At the evening party, local French students and overseas Chinese played the flute, performed songs and dances, and recited poetry together… From classical dance to modern music and traditional opera, each program showcased the diverse charm of Chinese culture. Chinese culture has been passed down for thousands of years, blooming with charming radiance in France.

In addition, a special exhibition titled “Weifang Intangible Cultural Heritage Overseas Tour” was held on site, hosted by the Weifang Municipal Government Information Office. On each booth, Weifang has a dazzling array of intangible cultural heritage works, including Spring Festival couplets, Paper Cuttings, kites, and New Year pictures. The person in charge of the booth introduces the folk customs and production technology behind the works to foreign friends on the spot, and warmly invites visitors to experience Weifang’s traditional culture.

“Try it, you will find it is very simple.” Zhang Songzheng patiently guides visitors to learn traditional Chinese Paper Cuttings. It is reported that he comes from Shanghai, studied in Lille, and currently resides in Alaska. On the booth next to him, local people are watching tea ceremony performances and appreciating calligraphy works.

After the evening party, Alaska researchers and one of the organizers of the Student Union, Wink Mway, said, “It’s great to see young people interested in China’s language and culture. Young people are a guarantee of good cooperation between China and France.”

In recent years, more and more overseas students and local people have participated in the activities of the French Spring Festival Gala. The the Year of the Loong Gala not only comforted the homesickness of overseas students and Chinese, but also demonstrated the attitude and feelings of a new generation of young people.

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