Vishwa Ganesh Is Back With a Brand-New Release: A Sailor’s Tale

Vishwa Ganesh Is Back With a Brand-New Release: A Sailor’s Tale

DUBAI, UAE, May 17, 2022 / — Vishwa Ganesh is an artist who combines music that sets the bar higher in terms of spicing up the sound with many different tones and ideas. His most recent release, A Sailor’s Tale, is a perfect example of what it means to make music that defies expectations while still retaining a very appealing tone. The song itself embraces the sound and feel of modern pop music, but there is also a very exciting story-driven approach that makes the song even more engaging and emotional.

“A Sailor’s Tale” tells the story of two best friends who finally realize the feelings they have for one another, albeit a little too late. After all, he and she grew up together and shared many years of joy, sadness, and all sorts of emotions together, so the further attraction felt very right. She finally decides to write a note and shares it with one of the sailor’s crewmates in the hopes that he will give it to him as soon as they begin their return to shore. Sadly, a violent storm caught the boat and destroyed it completely. The storm is so terrific and dangerous that everyone dies, same for our sailor, who happens to be the captain as well. The crew member with the note managed to give him the note right before dying, so the sailor also realized he had feelings for his long-time friend. The song starts right here, with the sailor’s realization that he shouldn’t have gone on the trip and should have stayed there with his friend, whom he realized he loved too!

Musically, the song follows this beautiful narrative, and each section of the song actually explores the narrative – Without revealing any spoilers, let us just say that it is a wild ride, and the events in the song will have you on the edge of your seat! Will the two ever reunite, or is it all just destined to sink deep in the ocean? The answer is in the song, so go ahead and smash the play button!

Find out more about Vishwa Ganesh, and do not miss out on “A Sailor’s Tale”, releasing worldwide on the 10th of June 2022.

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