Unwrap a Holiday Glow with Merry and Bright Beauty Offerings from Elli K Beauty

Unwrap a Holiday Glow with Merry and Bright Beauty Offerings from Elli K Beauty

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Elli K Beauty, the world’s first Arizona heritage beauty brand, is proud to unveil its unique merry and bright skincare minis ahead of the holiday season. These festive, season-exclusive offerings include two one-of-a-kind crafted ornaments from the Elli K Beauty Time Reverse collection: the beloved Time Reverse Mud Cream Mask, alongside a versatile Day & Night Basics Kit, featuring the Time Reverse Purifying Toner and Treatment Lotion.

This exclusive holiday launch follows the successful end of year pop-up event with Flying Solo NYC, where Elli K Beauty showcased its expansive Time Reverse collection. The event featured the full array of products from the line, including the holiday edition merry and bright minis, an ongoing testament to the brand’s commitment to innovative and celebratory skincare solutions.

The holiday edition of the Elli K Beauty Time Reverse Mud Cream Mask is a mini, travel friendly version of the collection’s signature luxe wash-off face mask. Formulated with red mud from Arizona, the mask is rich in iron and minerals to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate the skin for a fresh, healthy, and radiant glow. Using absorbent properties of Kaolin clay to soak up excess oils, while pure honey provides nourishment – the Mud Cream Mask rebalances skin, leaving behind a purified complexion.

Exclusive for the season, the Day & Night Kit is comprised of a dynamic duo from Elli K Beauty – the Time Reverse Purifying Toner and the Time Reverse Treatment Lotion. The Purifying Toner exfoliates skin with willow bark extract for natural radiance, as the hyaluronic acid keeps the skin plump and hydrated. The Treatment lotion is a light-weight moisturizer rich in Sedona water, honey, and jojoba oil, delivering a refreshing burst of moisture for an instantly hydrated and nourished glow. This ingredient rich pair, work together to leave skin brighter and more radiant, while restoring the skin barrier.

The holiday edition merry and bright minis, alongside all Elli K Beauty products, are exclusively designed with the Vortex Miracle, a proprietary formulation by Elli K Beauty inspired by the rich nature of Arizona, a constant source of the most powerful energy on Earth.

Exclusively during this festive season, Elli K Beauty presents its merry and bright minis, offering an ideal chance for skincare aficionados to indulge in or share their favorite products. Embracing the holiday spirit, Elli K is delighted to announce a 25% discount on the entire Time Reverse collection. This special offer is available on www.ellikbeauty.com, www.flyingsolo.nyc, and at the Flying Solo NYC retail location. The collection’s signature ornaments, featuring essential skincare items from the Time Reverse line, bring an extra sparkle to the holiday festivities.

About Elli K Beauty:

Elli K Beauty stands out as the world’s first Arizona heritage beauty brand, drawing deep inspiration from Arizona’s unique attributes. Arizona is globally recognized for its VORTEX, the Earth’s most potent energy source. Elli K Beauty incorporates Arizona’s strong vitality into its luxury skincare line through innovative fermentation technology, they’ve crafted products teeming with nature’s vigor using authentic Arizona-derived ingredients. The brand’s flagship “Time Reverse” line showcases a spectrum of eight must-haves, ranging from toners to the iconic Time Reverse Double Ampoule, Mud Cream Mask, and the Cream. Explore the vitality of Arizona with Elli K Beauty, available for purchase at their website, www.ellikbeauty.com and follow us @ellik_official.

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