TLP Announces 12 Days Of Christmas Sale To Celebrate The Magic of Joyful Locks

TLP Announces 12 Days Of Christmas Sale To Celebrate The Magic of Joyful Locks

TLP is celebrating the magic of natural beauty, healthy hair, and the festive spirit with its 12 Days of Christmas Sale

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, USA, December 19, 2023 / — TLP, a pioneer in the realm of natural hair care, announced its festive extravaganza, the “12 Days of Christmas Sale,” featuring the spotlight product, “It’s a Wrap,” a transformative dual-purpose hair styling foam. Running from December 14th to 25th, this sale offers customers the exclusive opportunity to acquire this haircare gem at almost half the price for natural and conscious hair styling while celebrating the spirit of the season.

“Paula Bland, Founder and CEO of TLP, expresses, ‘Our 12 Days of Christmas Sale is a heartfelt gesture to our valued customers. ‘It’s a Wrap’ goes beyond being a styling product; it’s a celebration of joy and healthy, radiant hair.'”

About the Product:

“It’s a Wrap” ( ) isn’t merely a styling foam; it’s a versatile solution designed to enhance curly hair care routine. Crafted with precision and care, this natural foam serves as more than a styling product – it aids in promoting hair growth. It is a natural solution for frizz control and flaking, along with flawless styles that stay perfectly put throughout the day.

Paula Bland shares insight, ‘As a nurse practitioner and a hair aesthetician deeply passionate about natural hair care, my goal was to create a product that seamlessly blends styling efficacy with nourishment. ‘It’s a Wrap’ is a manifestation of that vision.'”

This hair foam emphasizes TLP’s commitment to quality and natural beauty. Infused with essential nutrients, including conditioning honey for unparalleled moisturization, Rhodiola herb for enhanced strength and decreased frizz, and broccoli oil for added fatty acids and essential vitamins, this lightweight, non-sticky formula is perfect for creating smooth wraps, wet sets, textured styles, and molds.

Ideal for all curl types, “It’s a Wrap” is particularly beneficial for weak, color-treated, or damaged hair.

Paula Blannd underlines, ‘At TLP, we believe in the power of natural ingredients, and ‘It’s a Wrap’ is a manifestation of that belief. It’s gratifying to witness our customers embracing their unique beauty.'”

For women with curly hair, TLP’s innovative “Natural” hair-styling foam represents a versatile solution catering to a spectrum of hair care requirements. Whether in pursuit of a swift touch-up or a comprehensive hair transformation, this chemical-free formula is meticulously crafted to address the unique needs associated with curly hair. TLP’s commitment to natural ingredients ensures that the product not only serves as a styling solution but also nurtures and enhances the inherent beauty of natural curls. With an emphasis on holistic hair wellness, this specialized formula provides a reliable and effective option for those embracing their natural curls, promising not just style, but also a healthy and vibrant look for all curl types.

Paula emphasizes, “In the spirit of the holiday season, we offer more than just a fantastic deal – it’s an invitation for everyone to embrace the beauty of well-nurtured hair and share in the joy of self-expression.”

Additional Special Offers For December:

In addition to the star product “It’s a Wrap” for $12 during the 12 Days of Christmas Sale, TLP is extending more exclusive offers for the entire month of December. ( )

FREE Satin Twister & TLP Gift Bag: This is a small token of appreciation on behalf of Paula Bland. Therefore, TLP is offering a Satin Twister and TLP Gift Bag on orders exceeding $45. This duo adds a touch of glamour to your hair care essentials.

FREE Shipping on Orders Above $65: This is the gift of convenience with complimentary shipping on orders surpassing $65. TLP is making it easier than ever for its customers to have access to their favorite products and have them delivered straight to their doorstep without any additional costs.

FREE Hair Consultation with Paula Bland: The most thoughtful gift is the gift of expert hair care advice. This special offer is particularly beneficial for individuals grappling with concerns such as hair loss, alopecia, or any scalp-related issues, offering them a valuable starting point for a holistic treatment journey. Accessible for free on orders surpassing $45, this exclusive opportunity guarantees that women with naturally curly hair receive tailored guidance by Paula Bland to address their distinct hair care needs. It goes beyond just a product purchase; it’s an investment in personalized care and expertise for those navigating the nuances of curly hair maintenance.

Paula concludes, “TLP is more than a brand; it’s a community. Our festive season offer is our way of expressing gratitude and celebrating the diverse beauty within our community.” It’s the easiest way to embrace joyful locks this holiday season. TLP is celebrating the magic of natural beauty, healthy hair, and the festive spirit with its 12 Days of Christmas Sale.

About TLP:

TLP is a trailblazer in the world of natural hair care products, dedicated to providing innovative, chemical-free products that celebrate and nurture diverse hair types. With a passion for holistic hair wellness, TLP empowers individuals to embrace their unique beauty through the magic of natural ingredients.

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