This “Beauty” Vlogger is FAKE NEWS Peddler?  iMass Report na yan!!

This “Beauty” Vlogger is FAKE NEWS Peddler? iMass Report na yan!!

Politics in the Philippines may be one of the most toxic and sensitive topics. That is why some people tend to stray away from it. During the campaign season for the May 2022 elections, I was courageous enough to reveal who my president was…

And then I got so many hates, so many unfollowers, and some other derogatory claims and insults. The most recent of which is when my name was included in the list Ms. Charie Villa posted on her Facebook account where she captioned it with “Here is a list of fake news peddlers. Beware.” The said caption was then edited to “CTTO. Beware”

As of June 5, 2022, the post is no longer available on her Facebook page. But many people have already screenshot and kept proof of the said post.

But I, Kristine Roces, am NOT a political vlogger. I only have very limited politically inclined posts and content. Most of my contents are beauty, skincare, lifestyle and travel related. So why was my name included in the list?!

HERE IS MY FULL STORY. Please watch the video until the end so you don’t miss any vital information.

*Here is my ORIGINAL post regarding the issue –

*My Travel Vlogs in Ilocos Norte
EPISODE 1 here 👉🏼
EPISODE 2 here 👉🏼

*Here are my social media posts about BongBong Marcos, Sandro Marcos and Ilocos Norte :
– TikTok of my experience when I went jogging in UP (
-TikTok videos of my experience in Ilocos Norte and during the campaign
– TikTok of my experience going to BBM Headquarters in Mandaluyong (
– TikTok video of my visit to Malacanang of the North, which was told objectively (
– Text post of my stance during the election (
– Selfie with BBM
– Selfie with Sandro
– Text post mentioning I was NOT paid even a single Peso to promote BBM (
– Text post mentioning I got offers from other camps to do a paid content for them, all of which I declined. And all of which I have proof and receipt
– Instagram posts of the places I saw in Ilocos Norte
– Facebook post congratulating BBM on May 10 for getting majority vote of 30M at that time (

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