Temporary Tattoos Launches Low Quantity Options and Semi-Permanent Custom Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos Launches Low Quantity Options and Semi-Permanent Custom Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos

Custom Semi-Permanent Tattoos

Custom Semi-Permanent Tattoos

INKFINITY™ Semi-Permanent Tattoos

INKFINITY Semi-Permanent Tattoos

TUCSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Temporary Tattoos, a leading designer and manufacturer of temporary tattoos, has announced the launch of both low quantity custom tattoo options and custom semi-permanent tattoos.

The new low quantity options allow customers to order as few as 1 custom temporary tattoo, down from the previous minimum order quantity of 200. This makes their custom products more accessible to individual customers and organizations ordering small batches.

Additionally, Temporary Tattoos is introducing the custom option for INKFINITY tattoos, enabling customers to design their own unique, semi-permanent tattoo artwork.

INKFINITY tattoos redefine realism and longevity for temporary body art. These innovative semi-permanent tattoos last up to 2 weeks, bridging the gap between temporary tattoos and permanent ones.

Made with plant-based, skin-safe ingredients, INKFINITY tattoos provide a comfortable, realistic tattoo experience. The proprietary formula and manufacturing process allows each tattoo to adhere securely to skin while fading gracefully over time without causing irritation.

An hourglass icon helps identify INKFINITY semi-permanent tattoos across Temporary Tattoos’ online store and product listings.

Temporary Tattoos encourages customers to embrace simplicity when designing custom semi-permanent tattoos. Bold outlines with medium-thick lines rather than intricate details help maintain crisp definition. Since these realistic tattoos last up to 2 weeks on skin, straightforward designs translate best, giving INKFINITY tattoos the best chance to meet expectations for quality temporary body art.

For more information about INKFINITY custom semi-permanent tattoos please visit https://www.temporarytattoos.com

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