Students from China and Germany engage in interactive exchange activities in Weifang

Students from China and Germany engage in interactive exchange activities in Weifang

WEIFANG, China, Nov. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from the Shandong Office of Hong Kong Business Daily. On November 10th, in the Sino German Building of Shandong Ethnic Vocational School, an actor team consisting of more than 20 students from China and Germany was giving a presentation performance. Although the story was relatively simple, the students overcame the problem of language barriers and cooperated well, presenting a wonderful performance to the teachers and students on site. The continuous applause and cheers on site also brought this exchange activity to a successful conclusion.

In the early stage, the principal of the Misbach County Vocational Education Center in Bavaria, Germany, Gryffinstein, and a delegation of 11 people came to Qingzhou for a 12 day visit and exchange at the Ethnic Vocational School. The content mainly focused on the rich and colorful classroom, lecture, and teaching practice activities of preschool education (early childhood education), while interspersed with traditional Chinese culture, intangible cultural heritage culture, and other exchange and learning activities, in order to further promote the professional construction of both schools The deep integration of talent cultivation creates a model for close cooperation between the school and other majors.

As early as December 2018, both schools signed a friendly school cooperation agreement. Over the past five years, both sides of the school have mainly carried out online activities such as professional development, teacher training, and classroom interaction. Over the past 12 days, Chinese and German students have been attending classes together, experiencing intangible cultural heritage classes, participating in kindergarten practice, rehearsing plays, learning tea art and Chinese food production, visiting families, visiting Qingzhou Museum. Chinese and German students have achieved great success in both professional growth and cultural exchange.

Recently, Gryffinstein and his delegation concluded their visit and are about to return to Germany. Teachers and students from China and Germany gathered together. The principals and student representatives from both countries gave concluding speeches. Subsequently, both Chinese and German schools exchanged gifts and signed the next stage of friendly school cooperation agreement.

“This exchange activity was a complete success, and we received a warm reception and felt the efficient, harmonious, and high-quality teaching atmosphere of this school. We have gained a deep understanding of all aspects of the school and experienced traditional Chinese culture. ” said Principal Gryffinstein.

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