Stem Cell Treatment Increasingly Popular at HE Clinic Bangkok

Stem Cell Treatment Increasingly Popular at HE Clinic Bangkok

HE Clinic Thonglor Bangkok

Recent advancements in stem cell technology open a new door for patients suffering from diseases and disorders that have yet to be treated

BANGKOK, THAILAND, September 21, 2023 / — The HE Clinic uses Stem cells that are extracted from the umbilical cord, which are more effective than mesenchymal stem cells from the bone marrow. Our Stem cells can treat erectile dysfunction, baldness, osteoporosis, muscular dystrophy and diabetes; however, treatments are not just limited to these, as our Stem cells have the potential to treat a wide range of diseases. With the transformation of stem cells into the cells that need to be repaired and regenerated, stem cells can also be injected into the lesion site or the vein).

The He Clinic specialist doctors have been trained to integrate this with other therapies to target anti-ageing mechanisms and to ensure optimal cell regeneration for all our patients.

For erectile dysfunction, we offer the ‘HE Turbo’, which contains 5 million and 10 million stem cells, which can treat ED


Ageing is inevitable, and as we gradually get older, our cells naturally get sick and die, which results in a cascade of reactions like inflammation and disease. Cell regeneration becomes less efficient, which constitutes a balance between our body’s entropy (a slow decline in tissue breakdown) and restoration (stem cells). If entropy outweighs the human body’s restorative capability of stem cells, it will result in ageing.

HE Clinic utilises stem cell therapy and integrates it with other treatments, which ensures that the entropy does not outweigh the restorative capability of natural stem cells, reducing the rate of ageing.

Stem cell IVs provided at the HE clinic substantially increase the number of stem cells.

Tissue Regeneration and Neurologic Disease

When molecules accumulate excessively at the site of muscular injuries, fibrosis can impair muscle function and increase flexibility. Stem cell therapy is able to repair the functioning tissue while minimizing the scarring response.

HE Clinic also provide stem cells post-surgery or post-injury services to ensure maximal long-term recovery.

Specific injuries can be treated with He Turbo injections (5 to 10 million stem cells) in specific areas. Various athletes use this method to accelerate their recovery in many areas, such as muscles, tendons, ligaments and even bones.

Stem cells’ versatility to heal body damage gives more possibilities to treat different zones efficiently.

The ‘HE Turbo’ contains 5 or 10 million stem cells injected directly into the penis or the face or knee to regenerate and repair diseased tissues.

Complete stem cell IV injections are also provided, which contain 30 and 50 million cells to improve health from a holistic standpoint: increasing energy levels, boosting the immune system, helping muscle strength and tone, arthritis, pain, and sexual issues.

More HE Clinic coverage on stem cell IV is about to come further and new stem cell potential uses for treating neurological diseases will be posted on our blogs in the next couple of weeks.

Important facts about Stem Cell Treatment:

Stem cell therapy using adult mesenchymal stem cells is not FDA approved and is not considered standard of care outside of certain cancers and rare blood disorders.

Stem cell therapy is in the early stages of development. A retrospective observational study published in Lancet Haematology in 2012 showed well over 1 million patients had undergone stem cell therapy involving the use of adult stem cells.

According to the US National Library of Health there are over 3,300 interventional studies evaluating adult stem cell treatment for many different diseases and conditions.

Although clinical trials have so far found stem cell therapy to be safe, there could be unknown risks associated with adult stem cell therapy.

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