Startup Reimagines Portable Dental Hygiene with Retractable, Pocket-Sized Design

Startup Reimagines Portable Dental Hygiene with Retractable, Pocket-Sized Design

Dentigo Launches “The Future of On-The-Go Oral Care” with Kickstarter Campaign for Retractable Electric Toothbrush

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2023 / — Maintaining oral hygiene is a must in daily life, even when on the move. Dentigo, an innovative new oral care startup, today launched its retractable, waterproof, fast-charging electric toothbrush on Kickstarter. The compact yet powerful Dentigo toothbrush combines portability and performance, featuring a retractable brush head design to elevate on-the-go oral hygiene, keeping smiles radiant, even while on adventures.

With the push of a button, the brush head extends out; another push retracts it into its minimalist slimline body for easy, protected mobility. Equipped with an IPX7 waterproof rating allowing thorough cleaning under the faucet, plus robust sonic technology with up to 18,000 RPM for a dentist-level deep clean, Dentigo checks all the boxes.

“Our retractable electric toothbrush was designed for today’s active, traveling lifestyle,” said a spokesperson for Dentigo. “Dentigo’s space-saving, clean design allows you to quickly and conveniently brush your teeth after every meal anywhere – at home, work, the restaurant, on adventures – for a healthy, radiant smile on the go.”

The most unique feature of Dentigo is its retractable brush head that shields the bristles from dirt, germs and damage, keeping it ultra-hygienic. This allows the toothbrush to slip right into a pocket or luggage without polluting its own bristles or other items. Dentigo’s sleek, portable body also houses a long battery life and fast and easy USB-C charging, which saves the hassle of carrying bulky, heavy charging bases when traveling.

Dentigo isn’t just portable – it also packs industrial-leading cleaning power. Its high-intensity sonic vibrations pulverize plaque buildup and lift stains for noticeably whiter, brighter teeth after just one use.

These led to the formation of a perfect travel toothbrush, Dentigo. Its sleek, pocketable design slips easily into any bag or luggage, while the retracted brush head prevents mess or contamination. With 30 days of battery life per USB-C charge, it is always ready wherever the day’s adventure leads. Its replaceable brush heads drastically cut plastic waste compared to disposables. By saving the handle and motor, 80% less plastic enters landfills over time. Plus, with bulk pack replacement heads, Dentigo saves users money in the long run by avoiding the recurring costs of disposable brushes.

Dentigo launched its Kickstarter campaign with special launch pricing to bring its retractable brush into the hands and mouths of backers. Campaign perks allow backers to pre-order Dentigo toothbrushes at up to 75% off planned retail pricing. The product is currently under mold testing and is expected to complete mass production in February 2024.

About Dentigo

Founded in 2022 in San Francisco, CA, Dentigo creates innovative, design-centric oral health products to meet the needs of modern life. Combining smart technology, thoughtful design, and eco-friendly materials, Dentigo aims to elevate everyday oral hygiene habits through products like its new retractable electric toothbrush.

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Startup Reimagines Portable Dental Hygiene with Retractable, Pocket-Sized Design

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