StaffedUp Integrates with Indeed

StaffedUp Integrates with Indeed

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Indeed - The World's Largest Employment Website

Indeed – The World’s Largest Employment Website

StaffedUp integrates with, helping applicants get hired faster and employers fill roles in record time.

Employers will experience an enhanced hiring process, saving time and effort, while ensuring they find the best-suited candidates for their job openings.”

— Billy Giordano

COLUMBIA, MISSOURI, USA, December 14, 2023 / — Leading applicant tracking and onboarding system for restaurants, hospitality, and high turnover employers, StaffedUp, announces its recent integration with, the world’s largest employment website. Beginning on December 13th, 2023, employers utilizing StaffedUp for their hiring needs will benefit from the automatic posting of their job listings directly onto This integration streamlines and enhances the hiring process, allowing applicants to seamlessly apply for openings, while employers can efficiently manage applications through the consolidated StaffedUp dashboard.

Columbia, MO, December 14th, 2023 – StaffedUp, a reputable recruitment platform renowned for its ability to connect businesses with top talent efficiently, proudly announces its integration with By leveraging the extensive reach of, StaffedUp aims to revolutionize the hiring process, granting employers and applicants enhanced accessibility and convenience.

With the integration in place, as of December 13th, 2023, employers using StaffedUp will experience a seamless and automated job listing process. Job openings posted on StaffedUp will now be automatically pushed and featured on This integration ensures that employers will have access to a wider pool of applicants, increasing the chances of finding the perfect candidate for their job listings.

Once applicants take advantage of the streamlined application process on, employers will be able to engage and manage these applications through the consolidated and efficient StaffedUp dashboard. This central hub empowers employers by providing a comprehensive overview of all applications and enabling seamless communication with potential candidates. Employers can now streamline their hiring efforts even further, ensuring maximum efficiency and organization throughout the entire recruitment process.

“Our integration with marks a significant milestone for StaffedUp and our clients,” says Billy Giordano, Co-Founder and CEO of StaffedUp. He adds, “The collaboration with allows us to combine the power of our cutting-edge recruitment platform with the unparalleled reach and candidate pool of Employers will experience an enhanced hiring process, saving time and effort, while ensuring they find the best-suited candidates for their job openings.”

StaffedUp envisions a future where businesses can recruit with ease, speed, and precision. By providing this seamless integration with the world’s largest employment website, StaffedUp reinforces its commitment to empowering employers and simplifying the hiring process.

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