Spravato, the new FDA-Approved Ketamine Treatment, Available at Chicago’s Imagine Healthcare

A woman with short wavy hair wearing a black eye mask, headphones and a pale blue short sleeves blouse sits in a black recliner under a grey blanket for ketamine infusion therapy. She looks very relaxed,

Ketamine infusion therapy at Imagine Healthcare is comfortable, safe and monitored.

Leading women-owned and operated clinic treats whole person according to highest medical standards in safe, relaxing environment

Spravato is an exciting tool for us to have available. FDA approval means that ketamine is gaining mainstream approval and awareness and that is positive for all of our patients.”

— Dr. Rachel Norris

CHICAGO, IL, USA, May 3, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Recognized for its changing practice in the field of mental health care, Imagine Healthcare, the city’s only women-owned and operated ketamine clinic, is adding the only FDA-approved ketamine treatment to its toolbox. Spravato is also covered by most insurance plans for the treatment.

Spravato, the brand name for the chemical esketamine, was approved by the FDA in 2019 to treat chronic, drug-resistant depression and, more recently, depression with suicidal ideation or behavior and is available at Imagine Healthcare under strict physician supervision.

Ketamine is made up of a pair of mirror-image molecules. While they are mirror images, the molecules are not identical. The esketamine molecule – the “left hand” – is actually more potent at the NMDA receptor, which is believed to be the main site of action of ketamine. Drug manufacturer Johnson and Johnson isolated this “left hand” of ketamine or, esketamine, and created the nasal spray drug named Spravato.

Spravato was a challenge for approval and rollout because of the strict rules for administration and treatment with the drug but is going to be a welcome addition to the treatment options at Imagine Healthcare. And as the only ketamine treatment covered by typical health insurance, it is more accessible to patients with health insurance.

Spravato is tightly regulated and administered only in authorized clinics that must also follow strict protocols for administration including patient enrollment in the management program to follow care, side effects and outcomes, the frequency of drug administration and a required monitoring period at the clinic after each treatment.

“Spravato is an exciting tool for us to have available,” says Dr. Rachel Norris, founder and medical director of Imagine Healthcare. “FDA approval means that ketamine is gaining mainstream approval and awareness and that is positive for all of our patients.”

Spravato is not approved for anxiety, general depression, PTSD and many other conditions other forms of ketamine can successfully treat at Imagine Healthcare. Part of every intake at Imagine Healthcare includes a clinical evaluation and Norris and her team work closely with patients to develop an individualized care plan.

All treatments happen in a care room that was specially developed for a psychologically safe environment – the medical equipment is largely hidden from plain sight behind aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly and sustainable décor and it was specifically sourced to be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible. During a treatment, patients relax in comfortable chairs with curated music playlists. Patients are monitored for experience and health.

“Mental illnesses like depression and anxiety are the result of specific neural pathways in the brain etched in where they shouldn’t be. Ketamine disrupts that, giving the brain a chance to change course, repair and create a path for favorable neuron growth,” says Norris. “Whether it is IV infusion treatment or Spravato, patients can see a new life with ketamine combined with other therapies.”

Ketamine infusion therapy for mood disorders and chronic pain is the flagship offering of Imagine Healthcare and supported by psychotherapy and wellness treatments, including B12 and other vitamin injections for improved well-being. It is the only clinic in Chicago to offer this combination of care under one roof.

For more information about ketamine treatments, visit Imagine Healthcare.

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