SkyFire Arts Launches “Infinite Energy,” A Theatrical Cirque & Science Festival, in San Diego

SkyFire Arts Launches “Infinite Energy,” A Theatrical Cirque & Science Festival, in San Diego

Attendees have an exclusive chance to “Play with Lightning” during immersive art, dance, and performance gala 

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — International fire and lightning entertainment company SkyFire Arts presents “Infinite Energy,” an electrifying, transformational event where science, technology, art, and magic converge. On October 7, 2023, from noon to 1 a.m., the Encore Event Center in San Diego will come alive with Tesla coil lightning performances, interactive workshops, flow arts, dance, DJs, merchants, and food vendors during this family-friendly experience.

General Admission, Early Bird and VIP Tickets are available here. SkyFire Arts will donate 15 percent of the event’s profits to organizations addressing Climate Change, including Project Drawdown.

SkyFire Arts signature experience features giant Tesla coils that create 7-foot-long arcs of crackling electricity on stage. Performers dance with half-a-million volts of high-frequency electrical current pulsing at 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit, over half as hot as the surface of the sun. These movement artists create a mesmerizing display, telling a heroic story using real lightning, fire, and cutting-edge LED technology.

VIP Tickets Offered for Lightning Immersion Experiences
“Infinite Energy” offers four tiers of VIP access for unique lightning immersions: Musical Tesla Coil (make music with arcs), Tesla’s Wizard Wand (play with arcs from a safe distance) Faraday’s Lightning Cage (think a shark cage, but with lightning), and the ultimate, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put on a high voltage suit and Wield Lightning Bolts.

Play with Lightning Contest
Contestants can apply to win one of 10 VIP tickets to “Infinite Energy” and participate in the “Become a Lightning Superhero Scholarship” contest. The grand prize winner will have the unique chance to put on the high-voltage suit and throw Tesla lightning bolts. To enter, contestants can apply here between Aug. 8Sept. 8.

“Infinite Energy will be a feast for the senses, including your sense of purpose. Not only are we showcasing an incredibly rare and powerful style of performance art, but we’re also offering immersive lightning experiences, interactive workshops, community craft vendors and a dance party to benefit our planet and future generations. It will be a totally unique and awe-inspiring experience for all,” said SkyFire Arts Founder and CEO Michael Ravenwood.

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About SkyFire Arts
SkyFire Arts is a collective of world-class performers who create one-of-a-kind shows on a grand scale. Our mission is to create spectacular entertainment which inspires ecological awareness and personal empowerment. Through its events, SkyFire Arts empowers people to realize their full potential and protect the planet through Flow Arts and Technologies. They have captivated audiences all over the globe, including Hollywood Blvd. for red carpet premieres, Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Korea, EDC in Brazil, and SeaWorld San Diego.

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