Rancocas Anesthesiology Emphasizes Importance of Preoperative Evaluations Before Anesthesia

Rancocas Anesthesiology Emphasizes Importance of Preoperative Evaluations Before Anesthesia

Rancocas Anesthesiology Emphasizes Importance of Preoperative Evaluations Before Anesthesia

VOORHEES, NJ, UNITED STATES, September 12, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Heading into surgery is a very stressful and anxious time for many. Patients often have much uncertainty whether their procedure is a minor, same-day procedure, or a complex operation that requires an overnight stay in the hospital. The team of anesthesiologists at Rancocas Anesthesiology works to combat that and strives to calm nerves in advance via their very complex preoperative evaluations, which tailored for each patient.

The goals are always assessing a patient’s medical status and ability to tolerate anesthesia for the planned procedure, reduce the risks of anesthesia and surgery, and to prepare the patient for the procedure. Adequate pre-op patient evaluation and preparation improves patient satisfaction and recovery, while decreasing the likelihood of complications, delays, cancellations, costs, and even death. But Rancocas Anesthesiology takes this protocol even further, offering hands-on care and one-on-one pre-op counseling in a warm and caring way so that the patient is at ease.

As Jeffrey Shapiro, M.D. at Rancocas Anesthesiology, explains, bedside manner and compassion are critical components to pre-op care. “The brief period of time immediately before surgery is a period of considerable anxiety and fear for a lot of patients,” says Dr. Shapiro. “Anesthesiologists have a unique opportunity to not only understand the patients’ medical conditions to safely care for them, but also to calm their nerves. We can give them the reassurance that we have the knowledge, skill and compassion to get them through this. That can be extremely comforting for patients about to undergo surgery.”

Once in surgery, Rancocas Anesthesiology experts monitor every aspect of the patient’s procedure. Instant observation of even the slightest changes in a wide range of body functions gives the anesthesiologist a tremendous amount of information about patient well-being. In addition to directing anesthesia, the anesthesiologist will manage vital functions, such as heart rate, blood pressure, heart rhythm, body temperature, and breathing. They will also be responsible for fluid and blood replacement, when needed. Sophisticated technology is used to monitor every organ system and its function during surgery.

About Rancocas Anesthesiology:

Celebrate the Power of Precision and Compassion. At Rancocas Anesthesiology, our team of board-certified anesthesiologists boasts extensive experience and training in administering regional anesthesia techniques, guided by state-of-the-art equipment and the latest advances in medical innovation. We work together with surgeons, fostering seamless teamwork to optimize the patient’s surgical journey. Experience the benefits of tailored pain relief and faster recovery. Trust in our mastery, as we pave the way for superior surgical outcomes and assure the highest level of care, one nerve at a time.



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