Nell McGee Emerges as the 2023 Face of Horror

Nell McGee Emerges as the 2023 Face of Horror

Introducing Nell McGee – the 2023 Face of Horror

I believe horror and comedy go hand in hand. They both tap into the absurdity of human existence and challenge us to confront our deepest fears and desires.”

— Nell McGee

LEWES, DELEWARE, UNITED STATES, April 25, 2024 / — The horror industry has found its newest star in Nell McGee, the 2023 Face of Horror. McGee took the crown in the annual competition that brings together thousands of horror enthusiasts to compete for the ultimate prize of being featured in Rue Morgue magazine, $13,000, and an exclusive photoshoot with horror icon Kane Hodder, best known for his portrayal of Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th franchise.

Hailing from rural Maine, where resources were scarce and isolation prevailed, and now settled in the woods of Georgia, McGee has found a deep-rooted passion for the macabre. Growing up without the trappings of modernity—no high school, no supermarket, only a few stoplights—McGee found solace and inspiration in the world of horror, nurtured by her mother’s love for the genre. “Being a kid growing up in the middle of nowhere… I was always really creative. I was a musician and had a really enriching childhood that led me into the adult I am now because I was a weird kid,” she laughed.

Her fascination with horror deepened as she split her time between Maine and Massachusetts during her teenage years, immersing herself in New England’s folklore and history. “Some of my good friends live in Gloucester, Massachusetts, about 20 to 30 minutes outside Salem. There is something, I think, about different places in the world that hold different energy.” Surrounded by the eerie allure of New England’s historic landscapes, she was drawn to the world of horror like a moth to a flame. “There’s something intrinsically creepy about New England. I think about that a lot, actually,” she said. “It’s weird. It’s like you go from New England Gothic to Southern Gothic.”

With a background in makeup, cosmetology, and esthetics, McGee brings a wealth of skill and expertise to her work. Her dedication to the art of special effects makeup shines through in her creations, which range from grotesque monsters to hauntingly beautiful characters. McGee’s journey across the country from the Northeast to the Deep South was driven by the pursuit of a career in SFX and filmmaking. “I’ve always been drawn to the darker side of storytelling,” she said. “There’s something captivating about exploring the depths of fear and pushing the boundaries of imagination.” McGee shared that when she was younger, she was really into taxidermy and wanted to be a mortician, but then she did a complete 360 and got involved in comedy. “I believe horror and comedy go hand in hand. They both tap into the absurdity of human existence and challenge us to confront our deepest fears and desires,” she said. “I want people to know that it’s okay to embrace your quirks and follow your dreams. We all have our demons to face, but how we confront them defines us.”

Drawing inspiration from her eclectic interests—ranging from tarot cards and folk magic to collecting religious memorabilia, Victorian antiques, and post-mortem photography—McGee’s work is a testament to her unique perspective.

Beyond her creative pursuits, McGee is a staunch advocate for mental health awareness, drawing from her own struggles with anxiety and depression to inspire others on their journey to self-acceptance and healing. “You can always get out of the situation that you’re in. It’s never permanent.”

As she steps into the spotlight as the Face of Horror, McGee remains grounded in her roots. She cherishes her love for her mother, friends, and many animals, her passion for human connection, and a deep dedication to her craft. “I always want to be remembered as somebody kind, approachable, nice, hardworking, and down for an adventure.”

As she starts this new chapter of her career, McGee looks forward to collaborating with fellow artists and filmmakers to bring her unique vision to life. She is open to apprenticeship opportunities. McGee can be found on Instagram @nellmcgee. And in the latest edition of Rue Morgue magazine.

Two other finalists in the Face of Horror competition prevailed and will be featured in Rue Morgue magazine along with McGee.

Bailey Turek is a skilled esthetician whose passion is the horror industry. From her involvement in the Soul Reapers Haunted House to her own horror-themed studio, Turek’s dedication to the genre is evident. Her latest project—a video series centered around her character “Happy the Clown”—promises to delve into the darkest corners of the subconscious. Despite her blonde hair and blue eyes, Turek hopes to be remembered as a purveyor of nightmares. Facebook: makeupt17

Rounding out the top three is Eric Samuelson, who brings a unique perspective to the genre as a retired high school English teacher turned full-time author. Beyond his literary pursuits, he’s known for his willingness to aid those in need, a trait he hopes to be remembered by. His epitaph? “Fought until his last breath.” With experiences that blur the lines between reality and horror, including interactions with spirits and the paranormal, Samuelson’s life is ripe with inspiration. Reflecting his personality and style, Samuelson gravitates towards the Zombie Apocalypse Survival genre. His fear of choice? Zombies, particularly the fast-moving kind. Instagram: whiskey_and_gin_in_pa

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