Nail Artist Gracie J Introduces the Dime Method, Changing the Way Nail Techs Customize Press Ons for Clients

Nail Artist Gracie J Introduces the Dime Method, Changing the Way Nail Techs Customize Press Ons for Clients

The Dime Method by The Editorial Nail

This virtual sizing method has nail techs and artists shifting their day-to-day operations when customizing press-ons for clients and customers.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US, January 2, 2024 / — Gracie J, the creative force behind The Editorial Nail, has introduced a sizing method that entrepreneurs in the custom press on nail market have implemented in their business practices. Her simple yet effective approach, coined as the “Dime Method”, or the “Coin Method,” grabbed the beauty world’s attention amassing over 43M collective impressions across social media since its official showcase in 2020 and 2022 via her viral educational series, Nail Hack.

The Dime Method, a technique debuted by Gracie J, involves using a dime as a scaling reference and the bird’s eye view placement of the client’s hand to size customized designs made for shipping, virtually. This innovative approach allows nail artists and techs the efficiency to save time, money, and expensive products.

Furthermore, this method empowers nail artists to use their professional and artistic discretion to conceptualize and execute client designs without the additional steps of sending and receiving sizing kits via snail mail. A digital pictorial is also available to artists and nail techs for purchase at only $3 per download with accessibility to quality directions for their clients and customers.

“The use of the dime was an ode to TEN (The Editorial Nail) and a play on words. Scoring a 10/10 or 10 fingers and 10 toes etc. My dedication to pushing the boundaries of nail art and education has resulted in these techniques that are set to transform the industry,” said Gracie J, “My passion for creativity and precision has led to methods that unlock a new realm of possibilities for nail artists worldwide.”

Gracie J, known for her innovative vision and commitment to shifting how nail art is perceived in the beauty and art world, has shared these techniques through tutorials, inspiring a new wave of creativity within the nail art community.

The Dime/Coin Method represents a pivotal moment in nail artistry, offering a fusion of precision, innovation, and creativity poised to elevate the industry’s standards.

Media Note: Please click the link below for the pictorial, and Gracie J’s media kit for background references.

Dime Method Pictorial

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