McWhorter Foundation Announces Landmark  Million Contribution to Conservation and Preservation of Extraordinary Art and Collectibles

McWhorter Foundation Announces Landmark $25 Million Contribution to Conservation and Preservation of Extraordinary Art and Collectibles

MIAMI, Jan. 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The McWhorter Foundation, a leading philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting the arts and cultural heritage, is proud to announce a groundbreaking commitment of $25 million to the conservation and preservation of extraordinary and rare art and collectibles. This substantial contribution underscores the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding our world’s artistic treasures for generations to come.

The McWhorter Foundation’s generous donation will be directed towards a range of initiatives aimed at preserving and protecting exceptional artworks, historical artifacts, and priceless collectibles. These efforts will extend to museums, galleries, institutions, and private collectors who share the Foundation’s passion for cultural heritage.

We believe that art and culture are the cornerstones of our shared human experience,” said  Chairman McWhorter Foundation. “Through this transformative $25 million commitment, we aim to support organizations and individuals who are dedicated to conserving the world’s most remarkable artistic treasures. It is our duty to ensure that these extraordinary works continue to inspire, educate, and delight generations to come.”

The Foundation’s funding will support the following key initiatives:

  • Conservation and Restoration: Substantial resources will be allocated to the meticulous conservation and restoration of exceptional artworks, sculptures, manuscripts, and rare collectibles. Expert conservators will work tirelessly to return these treasures to their original glory.
  • Preservation Grants: The McWhorter Foundation will establish a competitive grant program to provide financial support to museums, galleries, and private collectors who wish to undertake significant preservation and restoration projects.
  • Educational Programs: A portion of the donation will be dedicated to educational programs that promote awareness and appreciation of art preservation techniques and the importance of cultural heritage conservation.
  • Research and Development: The Foundation will fund research projects aimed at advancing innovative preservation techniques and technologies, ensuring the continued protection of art and collectibles.
  • Acquiring Rare pieces & assets.

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