Lubbock Electric Choice Program Unveils Opportunity for Residents to Shape Their Energy Future Jan 5th

Lubbock Electric Choice Program Unveils Opportunity for Residents to Shape Their Energy Future Jan 5th

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Lubbock Electric Choice: Save on Bills, Choose Your Provider! Texas Electric Service Unveils Options for Cost-Efficient, Green Energy Plans

Empowering Lubbock residents to take control of their electricity costs is at the core of our mission”

— Jon Langley – CEO

LUBBUCK, TX, UNITED STATES, December 27, 2023 / — As the Lubbock Electric Choice program launches on January 5, 2024, and runs until February 15, 2024, residents are encouraged to shape their energy future. Avoid automatic assignment to a default retail electricity provider with potential rate hikes by selecting a preferred provider before the deadline. The transition to the chosen provider takes effect on March 2024 meter read dates.

This initiative aligns with Texas Electric Service‘s commitment to empower individuals and businesses in Texas through diverse electricity plans, including green energy and prepaid options. A stalwart in the Texas electricity landscape, Texas Electric Service serves various markets, including Houston and Dallas.

CEO Jon Langley reaffirms the company’s dedication to helping Texans cut electricity costs, stating, “Texas Electric Service has been at the forefront of assisting Texans in reducing their electricity costs for many years. Our unwavering commitment to this goal remains strong. By examining historical bills and pinpointing usage trends, customers can choose a plan in line with their consumption habits, thereby maximizing savings.”

The platform provides users with intuitive tools for real-time tracking and flexible payment options, ensuring seamless management of electricity expenses. Choosing providers through Texas Electric Service can result in savings of 30% or more on monthly bills. The platform pledges ongoing support for all Lubbock residents, offering a wide array of plans from different providers. Enhanced with real-time oversight tools, customers maintain control over their electricity bills while securing the best deals.

When exercising Electric Choice in Texas, Lubbock residents can confidently rely on Texas Electric Service for cost-effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly solutions. Opting for provides unparalleled Power to Choose options, covering Lubbock electricity plans and all other deregulated municipalities throughout Texas.

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Texas Electric Service is a leading entity in the Texas electricity landscape, committed to providing diverse and cost-effective electricity plans for individuals and businesses. With a focus on empowering consumers, the platform offers innovative solutions and unparalleled choices. Visit for more information.

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