ITFirms Unleashes a List of IoT App Development Companies

ITFirms Unleashes a List of IoT App Development Companies

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ITFirms provides a curated list of top IoT app development companies for global business needs!

UNITED STATES, September 26, 2023 / — The world has changed, quite a bit. There is a need to innovate instead of the need to follow the people who are innovating new things. This thinking could become the fuel of organizational growth in current times. Persistent innovation keeps organizations relevant. Electrical and telecommunication devices connected via internet constitutes IoT; but they still require human intelligence to work. A lot of human brain and effort is required to make it work. If this process is automated to complete tedious tasks without human intervention, it will reduce labor costs, cut down on waste and improve service delivery. IoT can also help in reducing the overall cost, making it less expensive to manufacture and deliver goods, and simultaneously offering transparency into customer transactions.

Refrigerators, smart TV’s, dishwashers, smart watches, trucks, cars, cooling systems, heating systems, vacuum cleaner, water geyser, electric stove, electric chimney, water purifier, washing machine and any device that can be imagined can be operated with mobile phone, can make a home smart. IoT induces safety in home appliances. People can start and power off their washing machines while they are in office. They can close the chimney or regulate the temperature of fridge while they are sitting in the other room. IoT can be used to monitor health, track a fleet of planes, and airbuses, preventing machine failures, and reduce pollution.

ITFirms introduces their first list of IoT App Development Companies this year:

1. Konstant Infosolutions
2. Yalantis
3. Integra Sources
4. Dogtown Media
5. MobiDev
6. Softeq
7. Biz4Intellia Inc.
8. ElifTech
9. Y Media Labs
10. Intellectsoft

But is AI or IoT in this context, working hard towards making human intelligence obsolete? Why do we still need human engineers, when robots can do the same work faster, without the possibility of workplace hazards? When IoT is able to help out elderly, who cannot make frequent movement, does it has the potential to be the face of the technology? But having said that, although technology can undermine the efforts made up by the humans, it will never be able to completely eradicate the human race, because later gave birth to it.

Hire IoT Developers who can solve thousands of problems and can create systems that are capable of connecting any number of devices to the network. It can track and monitor assets, streamline processes, prevent machine failures, increase efficiency in industries like manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare.

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