Introducing the Star Body Retreat: A Revolution in Holistic Luxury set in Stunning Sicily

Introducing the Star Body Retreat: A Revolution in Holistic Luxury set in Stunning Sicily

SICILY, ITALY, August 22, 2023/ — In a world where wellness tourism has burgeoned into a $436 billion industry, the quest for a transformative journey brings the birth of the Star Body Retreat. Taking place from September 3rd to 9th 2023, in the heart of Sicily, Italy, this retreat promises a union of physical and spiritual revitalization, embodying the new era of “la dolce vita.”

Inspiration Behind the Retreat:

This sun-drenched, wave-lapped Italian retreat is much more than a vacation—it’s a spiritual evolution. In the words of Harmanjot Kaur, the visionary behind the Star Body Retreat, “Wellness travel has transformed. We yearn not only for iconic sights and sumptuous cuisines but also for holistic self-care that nourishes the soul.” Participants can anticipate practicing Kundalini yoga, diving deep into astrology, basking in the brilliant Ionian waters, and sharing delightful moments over late-summer salads.


Aimed at restoring the body in multiple dimensions, the Star Body Retreat recognizes the human marvel. Beyond our intricate biological makeup, humans are predominantly mental and spiritual beings. Using Sicily’s raw power—its sun, sand, waters, and volcanic vigor—the retreat intends to rejuvenate both the biological and ethereal facets of the attendees.

“The mission of the Star Body Retreat is to restore the body on a multidimensional level.”, says Harmanjot Kaur, “The physical body is a marvel. Made up of more than 100 trillion cells, 7 trillion nerves, 60 thousand miles of blood vessels, and over 108 different chemicals, it is not exaggerated to say ‘You contain multitudes.’ Yet, this is just beginning. We don’t often talk about this in the wellness space, but humans are actually 9/10th’s mental/spiritual beings. We’re much more etheric than physical. So I wanted to use the raw power of Sicily, the sun, sand, water, and volcanic energy, to replenish the body on a biological level, but on a spiritual level as well”.


Exclusively hosting 18 women, the retreat is a testament to the profound power of feminine circles. Embracing the philosophy that a circle of women is potentially the most transformative force, the Star Body Retreat aims to be an immersive experience that alters the very fabric of one’s being.

The Alluring Venue:

The choice of venue for the Star Body Retreat remains a tantalizing secret. A diligent quest across Sicily culminated in the discovery of a pristine villa, renowned not just for its exquisite saltwater pool and tennis court but for its pure, sacred aura. Its undisclosed location only heightens its allure.

Ginger DeClue: A Stellar Collaboration:

Brought on board through an esteemed connection with the late Guru Jagat, Ginger DeClue is a force to be reckoned with. Recognized globally as a top-tier healer, she amalgamates nutritional brilliance with an aura of radiant power. Retreat attendees can look forward to complementary iridology sessions, a testament to the retreat’s commitment to unparalleled wellness.

Says Harmanjot Kaur of key speaker and featured healer Ginger DeClue, “I met Ginger DeClue through my late teacher, kundalini rockstar Guru Jagat. I worked side by side with Guru Jagat for 13 years, traveling the world and popping up all sober-curious parties and immersive wellness experiences in each new city. With Guru Jagat’s passing, I’ve continued to teach globally and push the boundaries of what people understand as wellness. The new wellness is living with bold courage and invested self care. This is why I partnered up with Ginger. Ginger is one of the most exquisite master healers on the planet. Not only is she a next-level brilliant nutritional expert, Ginger also lives with unapologetic radiance and power. Ginger is ruthlessly amazing. She’s an inspiration on an actual level. I am thrilled that Ginger will be offering complimentary iridology sessions on the retreat. I feel so lucky.”

Activities and Locations:

Besides the transformative sessions, the retreat offers excursions to power locations like Taormina, Siricusa, Enna, and Giardini Naxos. These range from wandering through Italian vintage shops in Taormina and soaking up cosmic codes in Siracusa, to yacht journeys from Giardini Naxos and prayer walks in Enna. Every activity is a blend of mythology, poetry, daily astrology, Kundalini yoga, and communion with nature.

For those seeking a profound journey both inwardly and outwardly, the Star Body Retreat is the destination. Dive into self-activation, explore nature’s hidden gems, and partake in a transformative voyage.

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Introducing the Star Body Retreat: A Revolution in Holistic Luxury set in Stunning Sicily

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