Introducing “Inside Out”: A Debut Poetry Book by Jude Pastor

Introducing “Inside Out”: A Debut Poetry Book by Jude Pastor

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATE, December 15, 2023 / — We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of “Inside Out,” an exceptional debut poetry book by the talented author, Jude Pastor. With a unique blend of passion for travel, a commitment to giving a voice to the voiceless, and a desire to convey unfiltered truths through her poetry, Jude Pastor is set to take the literary world by storm.

Jude Pastor, a rising star in the world of poetry, has a remarkable gift for crafting verses that pierce through the heart, offering readers an intimate glimpse into the world as seen through her eyes. Through her distinctive use of the first person, she weaves a tapestry of emotions and experiences that resonate with authenticity. One of her poignant poems, “Cracks in the Concrete,” encapsulates her ability to find beauty and meaning in the everyday:

Cracks in the Concrete

Squinting against the perfect noon of no shadow,

I can see now

weeds, how poems grow

stretching their little lives

up and out,

towards the heat.

“Inside Out” is a collection of over 50+ such evocative poems, each a testament to Jude

Pastor’s profound storytelling and the profound emotions she evokes. Her unique perspective, combined with a dedication to speaking for those often unheard, makes this poetry book a compelling addition to the literary landscape.

Readers can look forward to an exploration of universal themes, vivid imagery, and a

sincere voice that touches the soul. This book is a must-read for poetry enthusiasts,

and it promises to be a significant milestone in the career of a promising poet.

“Inside Out ” will be available for purchase on 12-12-2023 at Amazon Kindle &

Barnes & Noble etc.

About the Author

Jude Pastor is an emerging poet who has a passion for both travel and the written

word. Her deep commitment to representing the voiceless and conveying the

unvarnished truth shines through in her poetry. With “Inside Out,” her debut collection,

Jude Pastor invites readers to explore the world through her unique lens.

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