International Guild of Hypnotherapy, NLP, and 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers (IGH3P®)

International Guild of Hypnotherapy, NLP, and 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers (IGH3P®)

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Accredited Professional Body

Elevating Standards in Coaching and Mentoring

Elevate Your Business and Stand Out With Distinction”

— Dr Terry McIvor

LONDONDERRY, N IRELAND, UNITED KINGDOM, January 20, 2024 / — The International Guild of Hypnotherapy, NLP, and 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers (IGH3P®) stands out as a beacon of excellence in a sector that is experiencing rapid growth and increasing competition by providing accreditation and certification programs that set new standards in the coaching and mentoring industry. Today, IGH3P® announces its continued commitment to enhancing the credibility and quality of professionals in this sector.

A Mark of Distinction
IGH3P®, a globally recognised organisation, has established itself as a leader in setting rigorous standards for coaching and mentoring professionals. The accreditation and certification offered by IGH3P® are not just badges of honour; they are testaments to a company’s dedication to excellence, adherence to high standards, and commitment to continuous improvement.

Why Accreditation and Certification Matter
In a world where clients are increasingly discerning, the need for verifiable quality is paramount. IGH3P’s accreditation and certification provide that assurance, offering a competitive edge to businesses in the coaching and mentoring industry. This recognition is more than a mere accolade; it is a powerful tool for businesses to differentiate themselves, build trust with clients, and establish a reputation for excellence.

Benefits of IGH3P® Accreditation and Certification

Enhanced Credibility and Trust:
Accreditation and certification from IGH3P® signal to clients that a business adheres to the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Competitive Advantage:
In a crowded marketplace, IGH3P® accreditation or certification sets businesses apart, offering a distinct advantage in attracting and retaining clients.

Access to a Professional Network:
IGH3P® provides a platform for professionals to connect, share insights, and collaborate, fostering a community of continuous learning and improvement.

Alignment with Industry Standards:
IGH3P’s standards reflect the latest advancements and best practices in coaching and mentoring, ensuring businesses stay relevant and effective.

Marketability and Growth
Accreditation and certification enhance a business’s market presence, attracting new clients and opportunities for expansion.

The Accreditation and Certification Process
The process of obtaining IGH3P® accreditation or certification involves a comprehensive review of a company’s coaching or mentoring programs, ensuring they meet the high standards set by the organisation. This rigorous evaluation not only assesses the quality of the programs but also examines the qualifications of the professionals involved, ensuring they align with industry best practices.

A Commitment to Ethical Practices
IGH3P® places a strong emphasis on ethical practices within the coaching and mentoring industry. Accreditation and certification from IGH3P assure clients that they are engaging with organisations that prioritise integrity, confidentiality, and a high standard of conduct.

The Future of Coaching and Mentoring with IGH3P®
As the industry evolves, IGH3P® continues to be at the forefront, driving excellence and innovation in coaching and mentoring. The organisation is committed to updating its standards and practices to reflect the dynamic nature of the field, ensuring that accredited and certified businesses remain at the cutting edge.

Elevate Your Business with IGH3P®
IGH3P® invites coaching and mentoring businesses to explore the benefits of accreditation and certification. By aligning with IGH3P®, businesses can not only elevate their own standards but also contribute to the overall advancement of the industry.

About IGH3P®
The International Guild of Hypnotherapy, NLP, and 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers (IGH3P) is a leading organisation dedicated to setting and maintaining high standards in the coaching and mentoring industry. Through its accreditation and certification programs, IGH3P® promotes excellence, professionalism, and ethical practices among its members

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