Iceland’s annual Global Design Festival will showcase fresh and innovative Icelandic architecture, fashion, graphic design, interior design, and product design, April 24th-28th

2024 Theme “The Circus” explores design community’s relationship with nature, technology, and use of discarded materials

REYKJAVIK, Iceland, April 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DesignMarch, Iceland’s largest annual design festival, will turn the world’s most northerly capital into a buzzing venue of creativity and innovation April 24-27.

The 2024 festival will transform downtown Reykjavik under the theme of “The Circus,” which assumes chaos as the norm and the balancing act as art. The festival will bring together designers, architects, and creative thinkers to push the boundaries of the possible with more than 100 exciting exhibitions, 200 events and openings across the city.

On April 24, DesignMarch’s signature event, DesignTalks, invites guests to a seductive magical world, that is the circus, where there is joy, beauty, and bravery. Anything is possible and ideas are kept in the air, genius is fiery, and flying is high. The program addresses global imbalances and extremes while highlighting some of the many creative minds intuitively seeking balance, making the world a better place by designing for dignity, actively breaking down stereotypes, fighting racism, striving for better spaces, discovering new (old) raw materials right beneath our feet and infusing our lives with astounding beauty.

Reflecting the growth of the Icelandic design scene, DesignMarch provides a platform for the very best of Icelandic and international design. This will be the festival’s 16th year as Iceland’s international showcase of progressive and sustainable design.

The full program for the 2024 festival is available on the DesignMarch website. A list of festival highlights compiled by Icelandic designer Rúna Thors is available here.

Visit and the DesignMarch Media Kit for further information and photos.

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