I Tried Following A Jeffree Star Makeup Tutorial

I Tried Following A Jeffree Star Makeup Tutorial

I am a grown man who has never tried to purchase or apply makeup to my face and I know less than nothing about how to properly do it, so obviously I thought it would be a good idea to give it a shot! So Join me as I travel through San Fransisco with my friends Shane & Ryland by my side, as I delve into the unknown & wildly mysterious world of applying makeup to my face with makeup legend Jeffree Star as my guide.

Keep your eyes peeled for pro makeup tips and DIY hacks such as, but not limited to, ditching the expensive world of eyeshadows and instead opting to use Cheeto dust instead. I’m kidding of course. This turned out to be an actually very not-good idea and made my eyes feel badly. Would not recommend. But I had fun trying. Whatever. I love you. Enjoy this video.

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