How Juicing at the Source Helps Reduce Carbon Emissions

How Juicing at the Source Helps Reduce Carbon Emissions

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PUR Cold-Pressed has an unwavering commitment to sustainable production and saves 5,000% in carbon footprint by producing the bottles at the source.

EL PASO, TX, UNITED STATES, April 26, 2022 / — PUR Cold-Pressed ( offers a wide variety of cold-pressed juice products that have a small carbon footprint. The company has taken measures to minimize their footprint by leveraging recyclable, and BPA-free bottles. Additionally, PUR Cold-Pressed uses locally sourced ingredients to avoid shipping fruits and vegetables in 18-wheelers. According to the According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), medium- and heavy-duty trucks account for approximately 24 percent of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

The cold-pressed juice maker picks and gathers the freshest fruits and vegetables. They use standard centrifugal juicers to achieve a smooth and concentrated taste without pulp. PUR Cold-Pressed’s juicing process allows them to retain up to five times the nutritional content and minimize waste. Their sustainable product methods allow them to consistently deliver raw, unpasteurized, and fully cold-pressed juices.

The Eco-Friendly Liviri Box is one of PUR Cold-Pressed’s key programs to protect the environment. When a customer chooses this option, their juices come in a large-quantity stock box. This box is designed to keep juices fresh and cold until they are successfully delivered to the recipient. Eco-Friendly Liviri Boxes can be reused for several years before they are returned to PUR Cold-Pressed. This bio-sustainable practice reduces the amount of waste and paper usage that are typically generated from traditional transactions.

For more information about the Eco-Friendly Liviri Box Subscription Program, visit this page.

About PUR Cold-Pressed

PUR Cold-Pressed prides itself on using only the highest-quality, freshest natural ingredients that are locally sourced to reduce carbon footprint and impact on the environment. The juices are cold-pressed to preserve the integrity of the taste and to preserve as many nutrients and live enzymes as possible for drinkers to receive the full nutritional value. The drinks are produced exclusively in Monterey, Mexico, where the team has a better oversight of quality control and the cold-pressing process. The company also believes in making its juices affordable to ensure that all customers have equal access to a high quality of life and greater nutrition.

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