Health Preservation Destination Panzhihua Ushers in Tourism Season

Health Preservation Destination Panzhihua Ushers in Tourism Season

PANZHIHUA, China, Nov. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — While most of China has entered early winter by November, with some regions already blanketed in snow, Panzhihua City in Sichuan Province is a whole different story. The colorful urban scenery and temperate weather are two signs indicating that the most comfortable health preservation season in this city has arrived.

On November 16th, the “Warm City of Flowers” Health Preservation Season 2023 Press Conference hosted by Panzhihua Municipal People’s Government announced the beginning of this year’s health preservation season. Other than traditional activities like sunbathing and savoring fresh fruits, this year’s campaign also features a wide range of events such as sports competitions, healthy exercises and cultural tourism.

Three main events including the National Final of the 18th League of Legends City Heroes Championship, the 2023 National Hiking Trail Premier League Final, and the 2nd Rural Culture and Art Festival of Sichuan Province are scheduled to take place in Panzhihua.

From late November to next March, Panzhihua will also host a number of activities in different fields such as motorcycle tour, cyberpunk rap, cosplay show and e-sports week, the 14th Panzhihua Happy Sunshine Festival and badminton invitational, with the hope that visitors can immerse themselves in the enthusiasm and charm of Panzhihua through a diverse variety of experiences.

Thereafter, the city will unveil a series of tourist-friendly policies and offer a full spectrum of thoughtful services to visitors, so as to create a high-quality travel experience.

Panzhihua is named after a flower (“hua”) and it is the only city with its entire region listed on the list of “Climate Livable Cities in China“. In recent years, this winter-free city has capitalized on its advantages such as sufficient sunshine resources, comfortable weather conditions and a picturesque environment in successfully branding itself as a sunny destination for health preservation, rising as a top winter escape and travel destination among both Chinese and overseas visitors.

Other than the pleasant climate, the cuisine of Panzhihua is also quite a calling card. Take for example the Yanbian mutton rice noodles, known among Chinese netizens as the “top must-try breakfast” and a stomach-warming delicacy particularly suited to winter. The city is also a major producer of fruits from mango and loquat to pomegranate, as well as early-spring vegetables, among which Panzhihua mangoes are usually available between June and December each year, allowing people to taste the delicious “Tropical Fruit King” even during the winter.

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Caption: The streets of Panzhihua are adorned with blooming flowers throughout all four seasons.

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