Glacial Multimedia Inc. and Dry Eye Access Announce a New Strategic Partnership

Glacial Multimedia Inc. and Dry Eye Access Announce a New Strategic Partnership

PORTLAND, Maine - November 16, 2022 - (

Glacial Multimedia and Dry Eye Access announce a new strategic partnership to assist eye care physicians with building their dry eye services. This opportunity features training from the successful industry leaders at Dry Eye Access, along with patient acquisition strategies from Glacial Multimedia.

Glacial Multimedia has supported Dry Eye University for over four years, making this new strategic partnership the next logical step. The strategic alliance will also optimize future participants' experience attending Dry Eye University.

Dry Eye Disease is among the world's most prevalent eye conditions. More women than men have Dry Eye Disease and its incidence rate increases with age. 

One in every eight adults, or 33 million Americans, has some form of Dry Eye Disease. Dry Eye is a disease, not a condition or simple inconvenience, affecting millions even if they may not know they have it. 

Yet, this complex, multifactorial, progressive, and chronic disease has historically gone underdiagnosed or undiagnosed. Now, Dry Eye Access seeks to change this by educating eye care professionals on creating new expertise around all aspects of Dry Eye Disease. Dry Eye Access is an educational resource for every member of the practice. From staff members involved in the care of dry eye patients to ophthalmologists, Dry Eye Access is an educational resource meant to support dry eye patients and their care.

Dry Eye Access is a subscription-based online education resource that helps eye care practices understand how to identify, diagnose, and treat patients with Dry Eye Disease.

According to Patti Barkey of Bowden Eye Associates, Dry Eye Access has relaunched its education and training portal with courses designed to get staff up to speed on discussing dry eye with patients.

The dry eye business segment can be an excellent revenue expansion area. Dry eye patients need care that is not elective. Having dry eyes can be frustrating, painful, and overwhelming to live with. 

Many have struggled for years, trying over-the-counter eye drops that have not done an adequate job. The dry eye category can be excellent for those who seek revenue-generation areas for their eye care practice.

Michael Dobkowski, of Glacial Multimedia Inc., says: "There are millions of people suffering from dry eye in the U.S., and this partnership will help patients find the practices with the best dry eye programs."

Both Dry Eye Access and Glacial Multimedia can help get a practice on the map. For those interested in becoming a certified Dry Eye Access Best Dry Eye Doctor, please complete the submission form to be considered for the program. 

The team, including various dry eye experts, will review the credentials of each practice evaluated. Please feel free to visit the new directory site for more information.

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