Everyone Is Talking About Putin’s Health. Here’s Why

Everyone Is Talking About Putin’s Health. Here’s Why

Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia and a high-profile figure, but he’s also notoriously secretive.

The controversial world leader has been the subject of international scrutiny since long before he launched Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the aggressive war has only heightened that scrutiny. Many have been examining his motives and future plans, but now analysts are sizing up something else about the Russian president: his health.

Recent videos and images of Vladimir Putin, some claim, appear to show him looking either ill or uneasy, with different maladies being hypothesized including a previously-suffered stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or even cancer.

The war between Russia and Ukraine is still raging, but for now, everyone is talking about Putin’s health. Here’s why.

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Fidgety in church | 0:00
Evidence of Parkinson’s? | 1:17
Did he have a stroke? | 2:54
Secret doctor visits? | 3:56
Swelling | 5:09

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